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Latest breaking news and announcements regarding The Elder Scrolls Online game.

Helpful ESO Addons You Should Consider Using

There’s been a lot of controversy around Elder Scrolls Online’s addons recently, and while Zenimax did severely limit some of the potential capabilities addon developers are still hard at work creating helpful ones. The default interface is very minimalistic, somewhat … Continue reading

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The Elder Scrolls Online Release Date: April 4

Queen Ayrenn Wallpaper

Ever since Bethesda announced the making of The Elder Scrolls Online thousands of fans have been waiting in anticipation of the release date. Just recently the developers sent a wave of beta invites to many players, and rarely anyone thought … Continue reading

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Character Creation and Customization Options

Character creation and customization

For a large number of players getting the perfect character looks is really important. While it doesn’t have any significant gameplay impact we all want our characters to be as detailed as possible, not just through equipment but also from … Continue reading

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First 20 Minutes of Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Leaked

Elder Scrolls Online Character Creation

A leaked video of Elder Scrolls Online’s gameplay has been going around the past day or so. It was originally posted on Youtube but got taken down since due to a copyright claim by Bethesda, and nearly every other source … Continue reading

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Massively Previews Elder Scrolls Endgame, PvP and Crafting

The Elder Scrolls Online endgame, PvP and crafting

Richie Procopio from Massively recently had a hands-on play session and an interview with ZeniMax creative director Paul Sage that I found particularly revealing. It talks mostly about PvP combat, endgame and crafting. I advise you to read the entire … Continue reading

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