Wrothgar Relic Hunter Map

Below is a map with all relics found in Wrothgar zone:

Wrothgar Relic Hunter Locations Map

Wrothgar contains a total of 20 lost Relics. Wrothgar Relic Hunter achievement is awarded for finding 16. Curator Umutha at Orsinium’s museum will give you basic information on relics, but they can still be hard to spot in the wild.

Wrothgar Relics:

Item/Plaque: Description:
The First Charter Lost somewhere in the western mountains.
Horn of Beasts Broken, its remains probably lie in or near the ruins of Old Orsinium.
Guthrag’s Mask Last possessed by the Chief’s Eye of Fharun Stronghold.
Centurion’s Signet Lost near Paragon’s Rememberance [sic].
Frostbreak Chalice Rumored to have been reclaimed by one of Urfon’s underlings and hidden in one of the fortress’s towers.
Trinimac House Idol A tiny, ancient statue used for personal worship, last seen near Paragon’s Remembrance.
Nuzava’s Anvil Owned by the fabled smith who defined the Morkul style, it disappeared on the Icy Shore as Nuzava traveled home.
Dwarf Light Legend has it the lantern was most recently used to explore Nyzchaleft Falls.
Torc of Baloth Bloodtusk A heavy necklace worn by the Wild Boar, it disappeared from history near what is now known as Honor’s Rest.
Map of Clans Recovered from a destroyed historical text but lost on the road to Orsinium.
Agra Crun The blood shield of Malacath’s faithful, lost in the wilds of Wrothgar.
Uzdabikh’s Helm Disappeared during the ancient battle of Fharun Pass.
Thukhozod’s Bracer Prized by the necromancer and thought to be hidden in his sanctum.
Liquid Silver A rare metal once mined from the depths of Argent Mine.
Black Quill Fabled bardic writing instrument, connected by legend to Coldperch Cavern.
Eye of Zthenganaz A cursed Dwarven device, lost near the ruins of Rkindaleft.

Wrothgar Relic Locations – Detailed Descriptions

Below are detailed descriptions on how to find each Relic in Wrothgar. Credit goes to @Padhraigh for compiling and describing all locations.

First Charter

The hints for this are very misleading. The charter is not in the “western mountains” and nowhere near the Old Orsinium.

To find this item go northwest to Exile’s Barrow delve and follow the path up, now this one is pretty hard to find, but when you are on – as in on top of – the barrow (not inside the delve itself) find the southern part near a campfire, broken tent and two ogre. If you see a skyshard, go to it and look around from there. You should be able to see the ogres and the tent.

Under a little rock next to the ogres is a skeleton (likely the raider refered to in the hints) and The First Charter is resting next to it.

Dwarf Light

Go to Nyzchaleft Falls World Boss, east on the map. The World Boss is located on ground level. To the south of the boss you’ll see a tower of sorts. The Lantern is up in the tower.

Go up there. When you enter the tower you’ll see a tree in the middle of it with a skyshard and possibly an ogre next to it. Face east from the skyshard (still inside the tower) and you’ll see a large contraption with cogwheels inside it.

Behind/to the side of this contraption, the relic is hidden behind some large pipes, next to 2 cogwheels laying on the ground. Approach it and find the “Dwarf Light”.

Uzdabikh’s Helm

This trophy – along with Agra Crun – is found as part of the introductory museum quest. Follow the quest markers and do as you’re told.

Trinimac House Idol

This trophy is located close to the entrance to Paragon’s Rememberance, far west on the map.

Make your way to the delve entrance. To the right of the entrance you will see 2 tents by a cooking fire, guarded by three Vosh Rakh baddies. The relic is located inside the smaller of the tents. It has basket by the entrance. Inside the tent, head towards the flipped over crate on the right side. Inside the crate you will find the “Trinimac House Idol”.

Guthrag’s Mask

This Relic is located close to Farhun’s Stronghold, way north on the map.

You will have to head through the stronghold in order to reach it.The mask can be found northeast of the Stronghold, at the top of a watchtower.

There’s a path leading up the mountain from inside the stronghold, following this should let you see the watchtower. Go up the stairs to the top of the tower and find the Mask on the pillar in the northeast corner of the tower.

Frostbreak Chalice

To find this relic, go South from the Frostbreak Ridge wayshrine and make your way inside the castle. There will be lots of baddies here, so either fight your way through or avoid them to the best of your abilities.

As you can probably see, there are plenty of towers. You want to head to the southeastern most tower, which will have the Chalice standing on a crate below a spiral staircase.

Agra Crun

This trophy – along with Uzdabikh’s helm – is found as part of the introductory museum quest. Follow the quest markers and do as you’re told

Nuzava’s Anvil

This relic can be found almost directly East of the Icy Shore wayshrine (it is only a short distance from the wayshrine). It is in a cart next to a shallow stream of water and is guarded by 3 Vosh Rakh NPCs.

Thugbo’s Map of Clans

Go North from Merchant’s Gate wayshrine following the road.

Before reaching the gate to Orsinium you should find yourself crossing a small stone bridge, directly underneath a large, broken collapsed bridge/aqueduct. Once you have crossed the small stone bridge turn left between some rocks. There will be two Echateres near a broken cart.

The Map will be on a rock next to the cart, practically sat on by one of the Echateres.

Heart of Zanadunoz

Go to Unfinished Dolmen World Boss.

If noone has cleared it, the world boss area is circular, with a bunch of baddies spread around. In the middle if this area are what looks like the remains of a dark anchor. To the left of it (facing Southeast or East) you will see a table with four lit candles and a body on it, with a knife buried in it’s chest. There may or may not be two baddies performing a ritual by the body. The heart is located on the table, in a brown bowl next to the body.

Approcathing it you will be promted to interact with “Heart of Zanadunoz”. Mind you, this is a world boss area. If the area hasn’t been clearead, attacking/approaching mobs will trigger the event, so either get help or be very quick. If you’re able, you can clear the area of mobs and grab the heart before the boss spawns and attacks. The window is short, but it’s possible

Torc of Baloth Bloodtusk

The hints for this are extremely vague which is why it is hard to find.

Both hints (from the list and the museum plaque) simply state “near Honor’s Rest”. However, there is a quest called “Those Truly Favoured”, which will point you in the right direction.

To find this item go North of Honor’s Rest (it’s symbol on the map is a coffin). It might be a bit hard to find, but near some broken pillars will be three Winterborn NPCs and a cave opening behind them. If you follow this cave you’ll end up with a door in front of you that leads to Honor’s Rest Catacombs, enter it.
Once inside the Catacombs make your way to Westernmost part of the rooms. It will be a room that on the map looks like a plus sign. Once you enter it there will be an open stone coffin with a skeleton inside and – more importantly – the Torc of Baloth Bloodtusk.

Sidenote: The quest “Those Truly Favoured” will not take you to the actual location of the necklace once you are inside the catacombs.

Horn of Beasts

Make your way to Old Orsinium public dungeon – way out west on the map.

From just outside the entrance, get down to sea level and try to follow the coastline east from there.

You will pass a waterfall and a skyshard. Just around the bend from this skyshard – facing south/southeast – you will see a huge rock propped up by some smaller rocks. Under this huge rock there is a troll hiding. If the troll has been killed, you can still see a skeleton and a backpack. If not, kill the troll, because it’s sitting on the “Horn of Beasts”. Typical troll behaviour.

Centurion’s Signet

You find this item by following the “Forcing the Faith” quest in Paragon’s Rememberance delve (in the Western part of Wrothgar).

When you complete the quest you will at the end have to jump off a place to reach the questgiver, before doing this, you want to move slowly towards the edge and look down. You should find a skeleton on some scaffolding below with the Signet next to it.

Note: You don’t have to do the quest to access the skeleton with the signet, if you can find it there is a fallen rock that leads to the scaffolding.

Thukhozod’s Bracers

Head to Thukozod’s Sanctum delve.

This delve has two levels, and the relic is located on the bottom level in the large area in the southern part of the delve. You are in the right place if you see a bunch of skeletons close to 2 skeletal mages that seem to be doing something strange with a blue crystal. In the northwest corner of this lower level area you will see a bench underneath a tarp, tied up between four poles. Approach the bench and pick up “Thukozodh’s Bracer”.

Liquid Silver

Head inside Argent Mine delve.

This is hard for me to describe due to a language barrier, but let’s try it like this – inside this delve are “rooms” where the narrow corridors lead into larger openings. Let’s call these alcoves.

Now, when looking at the map inside the delve, you will see it has two height levels. The left side of the map is the upper level, and the right side of the map is the lower level. On the lower level – right side of the map – you see there are 3 of these so called alcoves. The Liquid Silver Relic is located in the “middle” alcove.

This middle alcove is split in two parts, separated by a narrow passage with a wooden ramp. The Relic can be found after this wooden ramp. If you see a whole in the roof of the cave, letting light inside, and a tent with a torch by the entrance, you’re in the right place. The relic sits in a box, on the table inside the tent, guarded by some baddies. When approaching the box you will be prompted to examine “Liquid Silver”.

Black Quill

The Black Quill is located inside Coldperch Cavern delve, on a bench near a cooking fire in the southwest area of the cave where lots of Winterborn hang around tents and such,. Look around the southwest corner of the area, opposite a wooden cage. Also, don’t expect a quill, it actually looks like a water skin, but you will know it is the correct item because it glows faintly.

Eye of Zthenganaz

Head towards Rkindaleft public dungeon, far east on the map.

You will see a small river making it’s way from a cave opening in the mountain, leading you towards the public dungeon entrance. Don’t go inside the cave yet. To the right of this opening, there is a big rock with a dead tree on top of it, pointing upwards. Close to the base of this tree is a dwemer looking thingie. That’s the Eye of Ztenganaz

Hammer of Glass

This is located inside Old Orsinium public dungeon.

If you haven’t done the quest here – pick it up the once you’re inside the public dungeon – you need it to access the area where the relic is.

If you’ve already done the quest – no problem, you have access to the area after the quest is completed.

Old Orsinium has several different areas, much like the Imperial Sewers. The Hammer of Glass is located in the northernmost part of the dungeon, to the right of Old Orsinium Shrine – which you will visit during the quest for the dungeon.

You will know you’re in the right spot if you can se a couple of beds and a bedside table on a platform of sorts. Behind this bedside table you will see a bright looking Maul, leaning against the wall. Approach it and interact with “Hammer of Glass”.

Scepter of the King-Chief

Located by the King-Chief’s Throne World Boss.

When you approach the boss area from the only way where it’s possible, you will see a small group of mobs below a platform where the boss is located. To the left and right of these mobs are a couple of tents. The Scepter is located by the tents to the right.

The first tent on the right side has a weapon rack next to it. You can see this by looking for the effigy, a bore skin tied to a big pole. When approaching this weapon rack, you will be prompted to interact with “Scepter of the Riekr King-Chief. It looks like a human skull mounted on a stick.

Mad Urkazbur’s Ice-Effigy

Head to The Mad Ogre’s Altar World Boss.

Here you will find an ogre hanging out by an altar. Behind him – now facing north – is a tent. To the left of this tent is a big rock that shoots out and creates a roof, under which there are a couple of barrels and some tanning racks. On one of these barrels, you will see a statue mad of ice . Approach it and interact with “Mad Urkazbur’s Ice-Effigy”.

Other Wrothgar Relics and Collectibles

The collectibles and relics below aren’t required for the Relic Hunter achievement.

The Greatest Relic of King Torug’s Companion

Wrothgar screenshot with King Kurog and Eveli Sharp-ArrowThis can only be found once you’ve completed the “Hero of Wrothgar” achievement. For this, you need to:

  • find all the previously listed relics and place them in the museum.
  • complete the main quest
  • complete 40 quests in Wrothgar
  • Kill 4 World Bosses in Wrothgar
  • Complete both (!) Public Dungeon achievements
  • Clear all six delves in Wrothgar.

After doing all of this, head to the wayshrine in the city of Orsinium. you will now see a marker for a new quest on a billboard. You may also go to the museum and talk to the Curator to get the quest. Follow the quest and do as you’re told.

Armlet of Torug

This item can be found by completing the Sorrow’s Kiss quest, found in the very north of Wrothgar, you will be sent to this area if you do the intro quest for the Curator at the museum. Now, a big quest spoiler (read only if you feel you have to make a decision, but don’t know how):

At the end of this quest, you will be given a choice as to what to do with the armlet. Either let it stay where it is, or decide that it should be in the museum.

IMPORTANT: Should you decide that the armlet stays where you find it, you will not – repeat, you will NOT! – be able to change your mind.

That means the armlet will never, ever be found in the museum with the rest of all these relics. For the love of God – give it to the museum.

Coldwind’s Skull

This is the trophy you will be tasked with finding after you complete the “Hero of Wrothgar” achievement and it is “The Greatest Relic of king Torug’s Companion” from the curators list. Just follow the quest and do as you’re told.

Wrothgar Public Dungeon Trophies

Public Dungeon Trophies aren’t related to either the museum or the Relic Hunter achievement. The trophies – earned by completing Wrothgar Public Dungeons are “Malacath’s Wrathful Flame” and “Rkindaleft’s Hidden Pressure Vent“. They look nice and shiny, but they are simply regular quest trophies that can be used for fun effects.

Hero of Wrothgar Achievement: Title & Costumes

To finish the “Hero of Wrothgar” achievement you need to complete the following:

  1. Collect all 20 museum relics
  2. Kill all bosses in group delves (Old Orsinium and Rkindaleft)
  3. Kill at least four world bosses
  4. Complete all six delves (completing means killing bosses)
  5. Complete at least 40 quests in Wrothgar (repeatable quests only count once)
  6. Complete Wrothgar main storyline quests

Once completed you will receive your “Hero of Wrothgar” title, and three costumes: Cavalier of the Sworn Oath, Old Orsinium Sentry, and Trinimac’s Penitent Knight.

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