Clockwork City Treasure Map Locations

There are 2 lost treasures in Clockwork City, zone added in ESO’s Clockwork City DLC. All Clockwork City treasure map locations are indicated on the map below:

Clockwork City treasure map locations

There are only two lost treasure maps located in Clockwork City zone, and with these locations both of them should be easy to find.

Treasure map coordinates:

  • Clockwork City Treasure Map I: 18.10×59.75
  • Clockwork City Treasure Map II: 80.38 x 42.45

Thanks to Peter & Sumevala for providing coordinates <3

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11 Responses to Clockwork City Treasure Map Locations

  1. Peter Caravello says:

    Clockwork City TM I: 18.10×59.75 (clockwork/clockwork_base)

  2. Sumevala says:

    CC TM 2 is located at 80.38 x 42.45

  3. Fraser Taylor says:

    The map location for Clockwork City Treasure Map 1 is incorrect. The dirt mound can be found further north, east of the kink in the road, and at a much higher level than the road.

  4. SAT says:

    Map 1 is completely wrong, I ran all over looking for it, You’d think its past the tunnel at the end of the road but its up on the cliff on the left before the tunnel….

  5. Mark says:

    Treasure map I – heading towards Ventral Terminus from Wayshrine; around first turn (large lightpole) go up hill to left (tree with Pink leave); go between rock. Look towards right. Mound next to Autumn Tree.

    • Vaesse says:

      Thank you for this! While there are many of these landmarks in other places, I would NEVER have found this without your directions, despite having the mark on my map (I LOVE add-ons).

  6. Mark says:

    Treasure map II – From portal of Evergroom cave, travel North in valley. Past Large Rock formation; Up on incline look right side next to rocks and small tree.

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