Imperial City Sewers Skyshards Map

Imperial City Sewers zone contains 7 skyshards, and the map below indicates their locations.

Indicated with blue numbers are outdoor skyshards, and indicated with red are indoor ones.

Imperial City Sewers Skyshards Map

All skyshards in Imperial City Sewers are very easy to locate:

  1. Darkest alchemy, bought in bulk.
  2. Where laundry never gets dry.
  3. An Aldmeri outpost, lost to crocodiles.
  4. Dozing in the portal-light.
  5. The shard is slipping down the drain.
  6. This cistern contains the heart of a lion.
  7. The deepest where the Tower grows roots.

Note: the first 6 skyshards are found in Imperial City! You can look in our Imperial City skyshards map to find the first six, or read our Imperial City Guide for more information about this area.

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