Telvanni Peninsula & Apocrypha Skyshards Map

Map below contains the locations of all skyshards in Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha zones. Both these zones are part of the Necrom Chapter which introduced a total of 18 new skyshards.

Blue icons indicate outdoor skyshards, and red show skyshards found in delves and public dungeons.

Telvanni Peninsula skyshards:

Telvanni Peninsula Skyshards Map

Telvanni Peninsula Skyshards map

Telvanni Peninsula contains a total of 7 skyshards. First 4 are found outdoors scattered throughout the zone. Two skyshards are found in delves, and one in a public dungeon.

Below are basic instructions and coordinates to help you find these skyshards!

  • (1) Tickling the palm of a mountainous hand. South of Gorne Public Dungeon
  • (2) Near a Dwarven pillar on the shore of the Inner Sea. South of the Kemel-Ze point of interest.
  • (3) Near the dock, east of the glass mine. East of Alavelis.
  • (4) Caught between craggy rocks and Padomaic waters. North of Tel Dreloth.
  • (12) On the scaffolding high above Gorne’s north-central courtyard. Inside the Gorne public dungeon.
  • (13) In an egg mine, beyond the dead and rotting tree. Inside the Anchre Egg Mine Delve.
  • (17) Beneath a golden tower, in a den of Dark Elf criminals. Inside the Camonnaruhn Delve.

Apocrypha skyshards:

Apocrypha zone has 11 skyshards. 6 of these are outdoors, 4 are in delves, and one in a public dungeon.

Apocrypha Shyshards Map

Apocrypha Shyshards map

Here’s how you can find these skyshards!

  • (5) At the foot of the Endless Library’s climbing mire. West of The Sidereal Cloisters, next to Artisan’s Hermitage crafting stations.
  • (6) In the hold of a ship overlooking the Ichor Sea. North of Fractured Monolith point of interest.
  • (7) In a dark corner of the echoing caves that divide Apocrypha. In the Central Orphic Tunnels caves.
  • (8) Overlooking inky waters falling into fathomless seas. North of the Cenotaph of the Remnants.
  • (9) Wrapped in a helix of stone at the heart of Chroma Incognito. North of The Underweave Public Dungeon.
  • (10) Atop a cliff overlooking Chthon Plaza and the Fallen Hues. North of the Fallen Hues Edifice.
  • (11) On a platform of ripped and ravaged books in the Underweave. Inside The Underweave public dungeon.
  • (14) Nestled among the restless tomes of a troubled study. Inside The Disquiet Study Delve. 
  • (15) In Quires Wind, just beyond the gaze of Mora’s searching eye. Inside the Quires Wind Delve.
  • (16) On a prow pointed to the sky, among the ghosts of voyages past. Inside the Fathoms Drift Delve.
  • (18) Beyond the central arches, where the Tormenting Eye was shelved. Inside the Apogee of the Tormenting Eye Delve

Feel free to let everyone know in the comments below if you have more details on how to find any of these skyshards.

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