Character Creation and Customization Options

Character creation and customizationFor a large number of players getting the perfect character looks is really important. While it doesn’t have any significant gameplay impact we all want our characters to be as detailed as possible, not just through equipment but also from the moment we launch the game. Character creation is today’s MMORPGs is often quite detailed and comprehensive, and fortunately Elder Scrolls Online developers know it.

In a new official video ESO’s art director Jared Carr walks us through the various face and body customizations available in the game. You can define your body type and physique, skin color, facial and body tattoos, hair styles, and it’s all detailed and diverse.

Hot kitty

That’s one hot kitty, right?

The video demonstrating the full power of the character customization is just below!

I’m certainly not disappointed by the choices available and the amount of work the developers put into character customization will probably not disappoint you either.

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