Auridon Skyshards Map

This is a map with all 16 skyshards you can find in Auridon, a level 5-15 zone for Aldmeri Dominion.

Auridon Skyshards Map

Blue icons indicate skyshards which are above ground, and red icons indicate skyshards which can be found underground (caves etc.). Below are also quick tips on how to locate skyshards in Auridon:

  1. In a corner by the House of Troubles.
  2. On top of a light tower.
  3. Outside, easy to spot.
  4. On top of broken stairs in a building in Dawnbreak.
  5. Ancient Chamber of Golden Glow.
  6. Inside.
  7. Between a shrine and cursed ruin.
  8. Top floor of Fighter’s Guild in Skywatch.
  9. On the second level inside Entila’s Folly dungeon.
  10. Near Meromo’s Refreshment, easy to spot.
  11. Deep inside Toothmaul Gully public dungeon.
  12. Inside Ondil dungeon by some bookcases.
  13. Very easy to locate, outside.
  14. Inside Del’s Claim dungeon.
  15. Second floor of the manor on a balcony.
  16. Terrace on second floor of manor.

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