Stormhaven Skyshards Map

Stormhaven is a level 16-23 zone for Daggerfall Covenant players, and the map below displays locations of all 16 skyshards you can find there.

Stormhaven Skyshards Map

Red circles indicate underground skyshards, while blue icons mark locations of above ground ones which are very easy to spot once you are near them.

  1. Outside.
  2. Atop the stairs of Newgate.
  3. Next to a large rock.
  4. Near the very end of Koeglin Mine dungeon.
  5. End of Portdun Watch dungeon.
  6. Inside Bonesnap Ruins dungeon.
  7. Mid way through Farangel’s Delve dungeon.
  8. On top of a tower, outside.
  9. Inside Pariah Catacombs.
  10. Inside the first room in Norvulk Ruins.
  11. Outside.
  12. Outside.
  13. Outside.
  14. End of Bearclaw Mines in an ore cart.
  15. Outside
  16. Outside in a camp.

Hope that helps, if you have any additional questions be sure to ask in the comments below!

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