Blackwood Survey Report Map

Blackwood survey report map locations are indicated on the map below.

Blackwood Survey Report Map


  • Alchemy: 73.63 x 80.91
  • Blacksmithing: 52.02 x 64.99
  • Clothing: 45.14 x 44.93
  • Enchanting: 55.81×15.01
  • Jewelry: 72.35×55.93
  • Woodworking: 37.28×18.52

Thanks to everyone in the comments for help with finding the locations. Coordinates are approximate because most survey materials are scattered around the areas. In case you notice any errors or inaccuracies feel free to let us know!

To find out more about crafting writs and survey maps check out our guide here.

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12 Responses to Blackwood Survey Report Map

  1. Ianci Goch says:

    Blackwood Enchanting at 55.81×15.01, distributed around the ruined building
    Alchemist at 73.63 x 80.91 (circle for 5), and 74.71 x 80.46 for eastern most
    Clothing 45.14 x 44.93, scattered all over (45.63×45.82)

  2. Rafael says:

    Blacksmith Blackwood coordinates 52.02 x 64.99

  3. Alys Dawnstar says:

    I found the Blacksmithing Site, but don’t have co-ordinates. So, I’ll describe it’s location on the map the best I can. If you look East from Shardius’s Excavation, you can see there’s two small bodies of water. A little bit North of the land separating the bodies of water, there is an almost teardrop shaped dark mark. The Ore can be found spread out reaching from the Northern tip of the dark mark to slightly East of the mark.

  4. @mypalalex says:

    Clothing survey is on the southwest edge of the large lake, even with the bottom of the small lake to the west of it.

  5. @mypalalex says:

    Alchemy survey is east/southeast of the withered root crafting place, in the swamp, surrounded by big rocks sticking up out of the swamp.

  6. @mypalalex says:

    Jewelery survey is in a very small river that feeds into the swamp, just to the right of the path as you’re heading towards the delve.

  7. Gofuk_yurselv says:

    Your Blackwood alchemy location finder is in a bad location. It should be quite a bit more to the east.

  8. Vicky says:

    Woodworking is northeast of Doomvault Vulpinaz Wayshrine under a large tree behind a grouping of rocks. It’s a bit off the road, but not too far.

  9. Vicky says:

    Enchanting is north of the third dot of the path near a ruined wall by the shore (East of Dungeon: The Dread Cellar).

  10. Vicky says:

    Alchemy is E/SE of crafting station on bigger peninsula. It’s on NE corner by main island and really spread out.

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