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NPC guilds in The Elder Scrolls Online have been around long enough for most players to know the basics. Not to be confused with player guilds, NPC guilds in ESO include Fighters, Mages and Undaunted. Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood and Psijic Order were added after release in subsequent Chapters.

Fighters and Mages guilds include one ultimate ability each, and several active and passive abilities, all of which are morphable. The Undaunted include 5 active spells focused on group PvE. Your character can join any and all NPC guilds without restrictions. Below is a full list of spells in all guild skill lines!

Fighters GuildFighters Guild

Fighters Guild is a PvE-focused NPC faction anyone can join in the first major town you come across in any zone. Vast majority of their spells give you bonuses when fighting against Daedric or Undead enemies, as well as Werewolves, thus making this skill line also quite useful in PvP combat.

Gaining ranks in Fighters Guild skill tree requires killing Daedra and closing Dark Anchors.


  1. Dawnbreaker- deals magic damage to all enemies in front of you, and extra damage to undead and Daedric enemies.
    1. Flawless Dawnbreaker – Passively increases your damage with weapon attacks by 10% when slotted on your action bar.
    2. Dawnbreaker of Smiting – Undead and Daedra are knocked down.

Active Spells:

  1. Silver Bolts- Deals physical damage and knocks down undead and Daedric enemies for 3.5 seconds. Also has a 5% chance to banish undead and Daedric enemies.
    1. Silver Shards – Hits 2 additional targets.
    2. Silver Leash – Activating Silver Bolts again pulls your target to you.
  2. Circle of Protection- Allies inside the circle have additional armor and spell resistance, and double the amount against undead and Daedric enemies.
    1. Turn Undead – Damages and fears undead and Daedric enemies on cast.
    2. Ring of Preservation – Allies in the area have increased health regeneration.
  3. Expert Hunter- Self-buff lasting 10 second giving you a 20% chance on hit to deal additional damage to Undead and Daedric enemies. If you kill an Undead or Daedra the duration is increased by 15 seconds.
    1. Evil Hunter – Also gain stamina when damaging Undead or Daedra.
    2. Camouflaged Hunter – Deals additional damage when stealthed.
  4. Trap Beast- Places a trap at a targeted location which takes 4 seconds to arm. When armed it deals magic damage to closest enemy and immobilizes them for 6 seconds. Additionally burns undead and Daedric enemies for magic damage.
    1. Rearming Trap – After activating trap rearms itself once.
    2. Lightweight Beast Trap – Can be placed up to 28 meters away.

Passive Abilities:

  1. Intimidating Presence – Allows you to intimidate certain NPCs in conversations.
  2. Slayer – Increases weapon and spell power by 3% when attacking Undead and Daedric enemies.
  3. Banish the Wicked – Restores 3 Ultimate when killing an undead or Daedric enemy.
  4. Skilled Tracker – Fighters Guild abilities affecting Undead and Daedra also affect werewolves.
  5. Bounty Hunter – Allows you to accept bounty quests from Fighters Guild in Cyrodiil.

Mages GuildMages Guild

Mages Guild is the second NPC faction you can join; your character can be a member of both Fighters and Mages guilds. Abilities in Mages Guild skill tree are of course best suited for mage/spellcaster builds. Leveling up your Mages Guild skill tree is done by collecting Lore Books around the world.


  1. Meteor - Deals fire damage to main target and 50% less to nearby enemies. All effected enemies are also knocked back.
    1. Ice Comet – Deals cold damage and snares enemies.
    2. Shooting Star – Gain ultimate for each enemy hit.

Active Spells:

  1. Magelight- Toggled spell which conjures a light which reveals hidden and invisible enemies within 12 meters. While active reduces max magicka by 5% and increases spell critical strike chance by 7%.
    1. Inner Light – Adds 10% more spell critical strike.
    2. Radiant Magelight – Nearby allies take less damage from stealth attacks.
  2. Entropy- Deals magic damage over 12 seconds and restores health to you ever 6 seconds.
    1. Degeneration – Your weapon attacks against target restore health.
    2. Structured Entropy – Increases max health while ability is slotted on your hotkey bar.
  3. Fire Rune- Creates a fire rune at a target location for 30 seconds. If an enemy enters the area of effect it takes fire damage.
    1. Volcanic Rune – Enemy is also knocked in the air.
    2. Scalding Rune – Enemies take additional fire damage over time.
  4. Equilibrium- Takes a small portion of your health and transforms it into magicka.
    1. Spell Symetry – Reduces the cost of your next spell within 5 seconds by 25%.
    2. Balance – Increases your health regeneration by 37% for 20 seconds.

Passive Abilities:

  1. Persuasive Will – Allows you to Persuade certain NPC characters in conversations.
  2. Mage Adept – Reduces magicka and helath costs of all Mages Guild abilities by 8%.
  3. Everlasting Magic – Increases duration of Mages Guild abilities by 10%.
  4. Magicka Controller – Increases maximum magicka and magicka recovery by 1% for every Mages Guild ability slotted.
  5. Might of the Guild – Using a Mages Guild spell increases your Spell Power by 10% with your next attack within 8 seconds.

Undaunted GuildUndaunted

Undaunted is an NPC guild focused on exploration and discovery of dungeons throughout Tamriel. As such all of their abilities are excellent for group content, especially since they have synergy. For players who enjoy PvE dungeons I’m sure you’ll find very useful spells in the Undaunted skill tree.

Active Abilities:

  1. Blood Altar - Increases health recovery of nearby allies by 15% for 27 seconds. Allies can active the Blood Funnel synergy, healing for additional health over 4 seconds while channeling. Overall duration is reduced by channeling time from synergy, and only one player can channel at a time.
    1. Sanguine Altar – Has increased health regeneration.
    2. Overflowing Altar – Duration isn’t reduced from channeling and the altar can be used by multiple allies at the same time.
  2. Trapping Webs - Deals magic damage to targeted enemy and snares them for 8 seconds. Allies can activate Spawn Broodlings synergy dealing additional magic damage and summoning 2 spiders for 15 seconds.
    1. Shadow Silk – Spawn Broodlings synergy is replaced  by Black Widow, spiders which last 20 seconds and have a DoT poison attack.
    2. Tangling Webs – Synergy ability fears enemy.
  3. Inner Fire – Deals magic damage and forces the target to attack you for 15 seconds. 15% chance to create Radiate synergy which allies can activate to deal 40 magic damage to enemy over 4 seconds, and explode for 251 damage in an AoEattack after.
    1. Inner Rage – Has 10% increased chance to create synergy opportunity.
    2. Inner Beast – Has increased range and reduced cost.
  4. Bone Shield- Gain 50 armor for 5 seconds. Nearby allies can use Bone Wall synergy, granting them a damage shield equal to 60% of their max health.
    1. Unknown
    2. Bone Surge – Synergy also increases ally Spell Power by 15.
  5. Necrotic Orb- Conjures an orb for 10 seconds dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. Allies can also activate Combustion synergy causing the orb to explode and deal magic damage. Allies restore more magicka over time for each enemy hit.
    1. Mystic Orb – Orb also restores magicka instantly when it explodes.
    2. Energy Orb – Synergy increases orb damage by 300% instead of destroying it.

Thieves Guild

Thieves Guild skill line section will hopefully be updated shortly. Sorry!

The Dark Brotherhood

Dark Brotherhood skill line section will hopefully be updated shortly. Sorry!

Psijic Order

Psijic Order is an ancient society of mages with time-focused spells. You can read more about Psijic Order skill line on our dedicated page.

To learn how to make the most out of various Guild skill lines be sure to check out this guide.

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