Cyrodiil Skyshard Locations Map

Collecting a Skyshard

Grabbing every skyshard you find is a great way to get extra skill points.

Skyshards are pretty important to find for all characters, as for every 3 that you find you gain 1 skill point. This can make leveling somewhat easier as it gives you access to more spells or morphs earlier, so you won’t want to miss any. Even though skyshards are basically scattered all around Tamriel, you’ll eventually find most of them as they are usually near quest objectives or other notable areas in zones.

Finding them in Cyrodiil however is a completely different thing. Cyrodiil is an enormous PvP area littered with players of other factions wanting to kill you, thus randomly sneaking around and exploring it with the hope of finding skyshards may turn out to be a very time-consuming and frustrating effort.

Redditor named Ardikus comes to the rescue though, as he managed to mark down nearly every single skyshard you can find in Cyrodiil. The map contains 40 out of 45 total skyshards you can find in Cyrodiil and will surely be immensely helpful for anyone looking to grab them as soon as possible.

Cyrodiil Skyshard Locations Map

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The white icons represent skyshards which are found above ground, and black icons are for those which are inside dungeons. In the author’s own words, of the 5 missing skyshards 3 are from Daggerfall area and 2 from Aldmeri, and hints in the journal indicate they are near Elder Scroll Temples.

We hope you found the map helpful, so go out there and hunt those skyshards! And if you find any other useful resources, tips or guides be sure to tell us about it.

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  1. Shan says:

    Another skyshard from daggerfall

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