Hew’s Bane Skyshards Map

Hew’s Bane zone contains 6 skyshards, and the map below indicates their locations. Indicated with blue numbers are outdoor skyshards, and marked with red are indoor ones (delves).

Hew's Bane Skyshards Map

For more detailed instructions on finding each skyshard in Hew’s Bane see below:

  1. The bank’s finest treasure. On top level of the Bank of Abah’s Landing building, accessible through the chironasium.
  2. Near what is now Lost. Southeast of The Lost Pavilion, in a niche with scorpions nearby.
  3. On the shoulder of the arch. Southeast of Forebear’s Junction, on top of rocks, not too far off the road.
  4. Overlooking the home of the Deep. On rocks overlooking Ko Estaran from the northeast.
  5. Necromancer’s passage to the rafters. Inside Bahraha’s Gloom, on the upper level of the dungeon, accessible from the final room.
  6. Highest point in the Grotto. Inside Shark’s Teeth Grotto: on Plank Hill, on the upper level.

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