Clockwork City Precursor Maker Locations Guide

Precursor Maker GuideThe Precursor is a target dummy available by completing tasks in Clockwork City. The tasks include doing a few quests and then collecting Precursor’s parts in several awfully named dwemer-themed delves and quest zones in the game.

Quest starts from a bulletin board in the north part of Brass Fortress in clockwork City. Quest is unsurprisingly called “The Precursor“. It requires you to go talk to an NPC named Associate Zanon.

Associate Zanon can be found in his workshop in Reactor District, a western part of Brass Fortress. Location is marked on the map below:

Associate Zanon Location

Associate Zanon location in Reactor District


Precursor Maker Achievement

Precursor Maker Achievement

After a quick task to grab an Integral of Memory, you need to collect 14 different Precursor body parts. These are found in the following zones:

  1. Alik’r Desert: Yldzuun
  2. Alik’r Desert: Santaki
  3. Alik’r Desert: Aldunz
  4. Bangkorai: Klathzgar
  5. The Rift: Avancheznel
  6. Eastmarch: Mzulft
  7. Stonefalls: Inner Sea Armature
  8. Deshaan: Mzithumz
  9. Deshaan: Lower Bthanual
  10. Deshaan: Bthanual
  11. Stros M’Kai: Bthzark
  12. Brass Fortress: Mechanical Fundament
  13. Clockwork City zone – Ventral Terminus
  14. Brass Fortress: Machine District

Once you have collected all 14 parts bring them to Associate Zanon to continue. After a quick mundane task you will be a proud owner of a brand new Precursor target dummy.

Maps below display the locations of Precursor Construct parts. Exact location is indicated by a cog wheel. Note that most parts are found in delves, but some are in regular quest areas.

Precursor Parts are fairly easy to spot once you find them because of the noticeable glow:

Precursor part glow

For your convenience delve maps below also include the locations of bosses and skyshards.

1) Alik’r Desert: Yldzuun

Yldzuun Precursor part location

Yldzuun Precursor part location – Construct’s Left Arm

Yldzuun delve is in southeast Alik’r Desert, just east of Shrikes’ Aerie wayshrine.

2) Alik’r Desert: Santaki

Santaki Precursor location: Construct's Right Leg

Santaki Precursor location: Construct’s Right Leg

Santaki is a delve located in western Alik’r Desert, just south of Sentinel town.

3) Alik’r Desert: Aldunz

Aldunz Precursor location - Construct's Chestplate

Aldunz Precursor location – Construct’s Chestplate

Aldunz is a delve located in southern Alik’r Desert, just east of Bergama town and wayshrine.

4) Bangkorai: Klathzgar

Klathzgar Precursor location - Construct's Right Arm

Klathzgar Precursor location – Construct’s Right Arm

Klathzgar delve is located in southern Bangkorai, just south of Old Tower wayshrine.

5) The Rift: Avancheznel

Avanchnzel Precursor location - Construct's Left Leg

Avanchnzel Precursor location – Construct’s Left Leg

Avanchnzel delve is in mid-southern part of The Rift, south of Honrich Tower wayshrine.

6) Eastmarch: Mzulft

Mzulft Precursor location - Construct's Spine

Mzulft Precursor location – Construct’s Spine

Mzulft is a quest area (not a delve) in central-east part of Eastmarch. It’s northeast of Logging Camp wayshrine.

7) Stonefalls: Inner Sea Armature

Inner Sea Armature Precursor location - Construct's Left Hand

Inner Sea Armature Precursor location – Construct’s Left Hand

Inner Sea Armature delve is located in eastern-ish Stonefalls, just west of the Harborage and Davon’s Watch.

8) Deshaan: Mzithumz

Mzithumz Precursor location - Construct's Right Hand

Mzithumz Precursor location – Construct’s Right Hand

Mzithumz is a quest area (not delve) located in central-north Deshaan, just north of Mzithumz wayshrine.

9) Deshaan: Lower Bthanual

Lower Bthanual Precursor location - Construct's Pelvis

Lower Bthanual Precursor location – Construct’s Pelvis

Lower Bthanual is a delve located in western-ish Deshaan. Closest wayshrine is Muth Gnaar Hills.

10) Deshaan: Bthanual

Bthanual Precursor location - Construct's Nullification Staff

Bthanual Precursor location – Construct’s Nullification Staff

Bthanual is a quest zone in Deshann located between Mournhold and Muth Gnaar Hills wayshrine.

11) Stros M’Kai: Bthzark

Bthzark Precursor location - Construct's Dynamo Core

Bthzark Precursor location – Construct’s Dynamo Core

Bthzark is a quest area located in Stros M’kai, west of Port Hunding wayshrine. You will need to take “Buried Secrets” quest from Neramo just outside in order to access Bthzark.

12) Brass Fortress: Mechanical Fundament

Mechanical Fundament Precursor location - Integral of Calculus

Mechanical Fundament Precursor location – Integral of Calculus

Mechanical Fundament is a subterranean area underneath Brass Fortress. You can find the entrance just south of the bank in Brass Fortress.

Integral of Calculus Precursor part is found in the lower level of the Fundament, however it’s easiest to reach it by jumping straight to it from the upper level.

13) Clockwork City Ventral Terminus

Ventral Terminus Precursor location - Integral of Introspection

Ventral Terminus Precursor location – Integral of Introspection

Integral of Introspection part is located in western Clockwork City, just north of Ventral Terminus quest area. Part is outside sitting on a ledge as shown in screenshot.

14) Brass Fortress: Machine District

Machine District Precursor location - Integral of Reason

Machine District Precursor location – Integral of Reason

This part is either easiest or toughest to complete. Part is easily found in Machine District accessible straight from Brass Fortress. Unfortunately you need to complete several quests in order to access the Machine District.

These quests are “To the Clockwork City“, followed by “In Search of a Sponsor”, “The Strangeness of Seht”, “Deepening Shadows”, and “Lost in the Gloam”. This quest line is part of the zone’s main storyline so it’s worth completing.

Get your Precursor target dummy

After you have collected all Precursor parts, talk to Associate Zanon in his workshop to continue. After a quick quest you will obtain “The Precursor“, a bind on pickup furnishing item faithfully serving you as a target dummy.

The Precursor quest reward

It’s worth noting you can do these quests on multiple characters, and thus receive multiple Precursor target dummies. Grouping them up in player homes is a good and inexpensive way to test AoE damage on a robot army. Keep in mind these Precursor dummies are bound and can not be traded with other players.

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