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Lorebooks are collectibles found in most maps and zones in ESO. These small books provide some insight into zone or quest backstories and lore.

More importantly, lore books are required for leveling up your Mages Guild skill line. There are hundreds of lorebooks to be found in ESO, and you’ll come across many of them naturally while questing or exploring.

However, you will miss many as well. To help powerlevel your Mages Guild skill line and assist you in finding missing lorebooks, feel free to reference our lorebook maps below for help.

Lorebook Maps:

Listed below are all zones containing lorebooks. Simply click a zone name to view our maps with indicated locations for all lore books!

Faction areas:

Aldmeri Dominion: Daggerfall Covenant: Ebonheart Pact:
Khenarthi’s Roost Stros M’Kai Bleakrock Isle
Auridon Betnikh Bal Foyen
Grahtwood Glenumbra Stonefalls
Greenshade Stormhaven Deshaan
Malabal Tor Rivenspire Shadowfen
Reaper’s March Alik’r Desert Eastmarch
  Bangkorai The Rift

Shared zones:

PvP areas:

Tip: you can use the amazing Lorebooks addon to display icons for all lorebooks on your in-game map and compass. Alternatively you can use Map Pins or Destinations addons for even more info, icons and tooltips.

For those who don’t like or can’t use addons, we hope our maps are helpful!

See our other popular maps:

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