Summerset Relics Map

Map below contains the locations of all Summerset relics:

Summerset Relics Map

Summerset zone contains a total of 20 relics. “Relics of Summerset” achievement rewards you with “Finder of Lost Relics” title, and “Fan of False-Face” furnishing piece.

College of Psijics Ruins

College of Psijics Ruins location

Summerset Relics achievement

Summerset Relics achievement

Quest to find Summerset relics is started in the College of Psijic Ruins in Artaeum. College entrance is between the entrance to Artaeum and the crafting station.

Once the quest is started you will receive a Codex with clues to relic locations. The codex can be destroyed immediately if you need bag space.

All relic locations are fairly straightforward and found outdoors, and therefore easy to find with our map above.

  1. Lantern of Lies: toward rocks of Walenkin Cove
  2. Heart of the Indrik: back side of Cey-Tarn keep
  3. Silver-Tongued Quill: rightmost pier in Alinor Docks
  4. Unraveling Wand: under a bridge by the creek in Relenthil
  5. Skull of Minor Cursing: near sinkhole near Relenthill wayshrine
  6. Shadowcutter Blade: east of Ald Mora in a waterfall
  7. Soulkeeper’s Urn: north of Russafeld
  8. Chest of Condemnation: on an archway overlooking Ebon Stadmont’s Brooks, east of Cloud Rest
  9. Never-Ending Scroll: south of Illumination Academy next to bridge
  10. Inescapable Helm: near Corgrad Wastes
  11. Sticky-Fingered Lute: in lake east of Queen’s Hatchery world boss
  12. Fan of False-Face: next to a stone wall northeast of King’s Haven Pass
  13. Pillow of Sweet Dreams: between Direnni Abyssal Geyser and Gryphon Aerie
  14. Mirror of Fatal Premonition: base of the tower near Shimmerene’s Docks
  15. Monochrome Paintbrush: southeast of Shimmerene’s Walls
  16. Hourglass of Perceived Time: near Forest of Coral, north of Sil-Var-Woad wayshrine
  17. Jaunt of the Jilted: southwest of Sil-Var-Woad Abyssal Geyser
  18. Ever-Filling Chalice: north of Alaxon’Ald
  19. Chestplate of Dessication: left side of Sunhold public dungeon entrance
  20. Shattering Sword: west side of Garden of the Sacred Numbers near Artaeum’s Door.

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  1. Brent says:

    Correction-The Chest of Condemnation is on an archway WEST of Cloudrest. Not east. Spent quite a bit of time looking in the wrong direction.

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