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Survey reports are rewards for doing crafting writs (daily crafting quests). Reports aren’t awarded every time you complete a writ, but often enough and are worth completing. The chance to receive a survey map is about 15% for Woodworking, Blacksmithing and Clothing, 30% for Enchanting, and 50% for Alchemy. Provisioning crafting writs don’t reward survey maps.

Survey maps essentially function the same as treasure maps. Once you have a survey report map in your character’s inventory, you need to visit a designated area in a specific zone the survey report is for. Finding a location specified on the survey map will enable you to loot multiple resource nodes, which all yield an increased amount of materials compared to regular resource nodes.

You can find exact map locations and coordinates of resource nodes for all survey maps below. You can click the zone name in the table to display a map with exact locations!

Zone Alchemy Blacksmithing Clothing Woodworking Enchanting
Aldmeri Dominion:
Auridon  54.59×30.44  63.59×69.50  40.85×70.07  54.83×46.50  44.71×28.55
Grahtwood  61.20×38.08  76.74×46.93  45.78×78.74  42.58×26.49  31.52×58.24
Greenshade  76.42×82.67  59.90×62.73  56.01×41.01  55.66×39.62  50.28×28.91
Malabal Tor  80.33×16.86  83.26×49.42  27.66×62.76  58.50×58.65  58.45×79.77
Reaper’s March  30.00×36.16  64.5×22.0  59.24×51.87  42.89×84.85  32.97×73.69
Daggerfall Covenant:
Glenumbra  34.35×49.32  36.38×83.40  41.42×59.66  64.61×50.43  71.55×30.33
Stormhaven  79.45×50.03  34.00×56.57  26.83×31.62  57.10×44.67  34.45×34.43
Rivenspire  80.25×32.98  69.29×62.43  29.71×64.13  54.44×64.39  61.82×43.12
Alik’r Desert  40.33×65.23  09.80×47.95  63.03×62.65  60.00×36.09  82.42×34.15
Bangkorai  19.00×65.00  47.30×61.53  58.00×37.61  70.13×68.88  52.75×16.27
Ebonheart Pact:
Stonefalls  55.91×39.08  67.18×57.41  31.14×43.55  15.93×55.78  74.78×58.13
Deshaan  14.90×49.52  47.60×42.04  23.89×48.11  63.70×55.03  78.77×40.82
Shadowfen  35.84×26.55  79.59×85.22  75.17×43.08  58.04×67.94  40.06×69.56
Eastmarch  37.96×60.45  35.33×28.86  68.00×61.25  45.24×49.77  53.06×41.49
The Rift  41.71×42.1  71.41×55.86  62.91×35.75  49.75×33.67  15.15×29.67

Survey map coordinates for shared zones:

Zone Alchemy Blacksmithing Clothing Woodworking Enchanting
Coldharbour I 41.38×77.58 74.46×66.42  67.26×76.06  45.45×50.50  24.86×61.82
Coldharbour II 42.63×70.08 73.10×70.30  63.00×69.80  54.90×44.90  26.19×67.65
Craglorn I  33.77×55.86  67.58×36.92  45.80×52.96  08.54×33.03  57.72×51.85
Craglorn II  53.46×48.55  45.91×32.34  39.34×47.54  64.84×36.32  16.43×37.24
Craglorn III  19.60×40.40  43.09×44.33  30.50×45.30  41.98×50.19  67.49×42.77
High Isles          
Telvanni Peninsula & Apocrypha          
West Weald          
Western Skyrim          

Tips: If you need an addon to display map coordinates in game, see Map Coordinates. Additionally, you can download the Lost Treasure addon which will simply put icons for survey report locations on your in-game map so you don’t need to reference our site.

Survey ReportFor console users, click the links to zone names in the table above to view screenshots of all maps with indicated locations of survey reports!

Rich Enchanting nodes have a higher chance to yield higher level Aspect runes, but enchanting surveys are among the least profitable ones. Blacksmithing, Clothing, Woodworking and Jewelcrafting resource nodes can give you valuable Nirncrux trait stones more often (still only in Craglorn though).

Each survey map on average provides over 2,500g worth of materials.

Depending on the location, there may be monsters around the resource nodes indicated on your survey map which will have to be killed, but they’re always normal monsters which are easy to dispose of. Monsters in most locations can be avoided by using stealth to get past them.

These high-yield harvest nodes from survey reports will only appear if you have the corresponding survey in your character inventory. Other nearby players will not see your rich resource nodes and will not be able to steal materials from you. As mentioned previously, Provisioners will not receive any survey reports. Instead, when turning in writ quests they have a chance to receive a recipe.

Our Crafting Writs Guide contains more information about crafting quests so go ahead and read it.

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23 Responses to Survey Maps

  1. Jackie says:

    Thanks for explaining survey maps. I kept getting them after doing writs and I was super confused about their purpose. Thanks again. =)

  2. CC says:

    “ALL maps” … You are missing DLC maps.

  3. Bryant Harris says:

    Found the locs for Alchemist Writ in The Rift
    x 41.71 y 42.1

  4. ESO Crafter says:

    Alchemist Survey: Reaper’s March can be found at 30.00×36.16

  5. Drew says:

    will somebody with Pc and the Chest location addon & MorroWind please take a screen shot of just the Chest Location of Vvardenfell and email me a copy please i beg you. i would travel around marking them all but i took an arrow to the knee so it’s hard to get around LOL :) .. email is

  6. Jen says:

    Enchanter’s Survey for Vvardenfell is at 44.10 x 24.40.

  7. Kyra says:

    For Vvardenfell (Morrowind), the coord for the alchemy survey are 29.10 x 32.45

  8. Dr Scholls says:

    I received 2 Enchanter surveys in areas I can’t get to – The Rift and Cold Harbour. Any ideas how I can get them?

  9. Mishka says:

    Can someone fix greenshade- it’s an ad saying you won something

    • admin says:

      There shouldn’t be any ads appearing which cover any content. Are you able to access the page directly? Does the ad appear over the link or when you load the page? Any information you could provide would be immensely helpful, if you’re seeing these kinds of ads it is not intentional and it should not be happening. Something must be doing something it’s not supposed to but I’m unable to identify what.

  10. Zoligan says:

    Found Alik’r Desert Blacksmithing Survey at x15.2 y48.03

  11. Kreo says:

    Any chance of adding Vvarderfell ? thx

  12. Greenshade says:

    Greenshade woodwork is at 29.87 x 81.32

  13. John Carpenter says:

    Any chance Southern Elsweyr can be added?

  14. Kosef says:

    Any chance of an update to Western Skyrim?

  15. Ianci Goch says:

    Blackwood Enchanting at 55.81×15.01, distributed around the ruined building

  16. Max Destro says:

    Bangkorai is actually at 35.80 x 38.40 on the full zone map, 19.00×65.00 is correct for the zoomed-in Evermore map

  17. Max Destro says:

    Clothier surveys
    Wrothgar II – 47.93 x 55.27
    Wrothgar III – 80.78 x 39.65

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