Cyrodiil Treasure Map Locations

There are 18 lost treasures in Cyrodiil zone, and for 12 of them you’ll have to visit other faction’s areas. Cyrodiil treasure map locations are indicated on the map below:

Cyrodiil treasure map locations

For more detailed instructions and exact map coordinates on how to find each Cyrodiil treasure see below:

  • Treasure Map I – 40×49
  • Treasure Map II – 50×82 – Southern part of Cyrodiil,between two Aldmeri Scroll Temples.
  • Treasure Map III – 28×70 – Southwest part of Cyrodiil, Howling Cave.
  • Treasure Map IV – 64×76 – Southeast part of Cyrodiil, northeast from Aldmeri Gate of Mnem.
  • Treasure Map V – 48×54 – Central part of Cyrodiil, south from the central island.
  • Treasure Map VI – 24×56 – Western part of Cyrodiil, Walk from Castle Brindle towards a church, it is next to a tree near the church.
  • Treasure Map VII – 55×14 – Head towards east from Fort Dragonclawon ,found on the small island in the center of the lake.
  • Treasure Map VIII – 18×39 – Western Cyrodiil, south of Fort Rayles.
  • Treasure Map IX – 31×37 – Between Fort Ash and Fort Glademist.
  • Treasure Map X – 30×17 – East of Fort Warden.
  • Treasure Map XI – 38×15 – Near Echo Cave, between Fort Warden and Fort Dragonclaw.
  • Treasure Map XII – 48×18 – Northern Cyrodiil, inside city of Bruma.
  • Treasure Map XIII – 82×28 – Northeast part of Cyrodiil, between two Ebonheart Scroll Temples.
  • Treasure Map XIV – 69×52 – Eastern part of Cyrodiil, east from Sejanus Outpost.
  • Treasure Map XV – 67×48 – Eastern part of Cyrodiil, northeast from Sejanus Outpost
  • Treasure Map XVI – 68×64
  • Treasure Map XVII – 78×47 – North from Drakelowe Keep.
  • Treasure Map XVIII – 74×52 – Northwest from Drakelowe Keep

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3 Responses to Cyrodiil Treasure Map Locations

  1. Mark Eastman says:

    Treasure Map 16: In Cropsford; entering town, cross bridge right or outer Flag; 2nd road lamp. Mound on right next to tree.

  2. Ianci Goch says:

    XIII is at 80.72×26.93, on the island between the bridges.

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