Stonefalls Skyshards Map

Below is our map containing all 16 skyshards in Stonefalls (level 5-15, Ebonheart Pact) and their exact locations.

Stonefalls Skyshards Map


  1. Behind the entrance to Fungal Grotto group dungeon.
  2. On a hillside behind a plantation.
  3. Inside Sheogorath’s Tongue dungeon.
  4. Inside Softloam Cavern.
  5. Outside, high above Lukiul Uxith.
  6. Near the end of Hightide Hollows dungeon.
  7. Next to a statue on a cliff.
  8. Next to lava.
  9. On a small dirt patch in lava.
  10. Inside Mephala’s Nest dungeon.
  11. Bottom floor inside Emberflint Mine dungeon.
  12. Outside, easy to spot.
  13. Inside Inner Sea Armature dungeon in a corner.
  14. Outside.
  15. Inside Crow’s Wood public dungeon.
  16. Outside.

I hope these short descriptions helped a bit, if you need any additional help don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below!

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