Delve Maps

Delves are shared mini-dungeons found in all of ESO’s zones. You can enter them solo, but you can and frequently will encounter other players inside delves.

Delve icon

Delve icon

Each delve includes one boss and one skyshard. Some of them also have quests. Sometimes quest-giver NPCs or objects are inside these dungeons, but they can also be found outside delves, typically very near the entrance. Most quest completions are done in nearby towns or settlements.

You can find delve maps below. These delve maps include the location of boss and skyshard. Maps may also display locations of lorebooks and quest objectives where available.

Delves Legend

Delves Legend: visual aids for locating boss, skyshard, quests, lorebooks, entrances, exits and blocked paths.

Delve maps:

If you find any delve map to have inaccurate info be sure to let us know in the comments!

Delve FAQs

  • Delves are marked as completed on your zone map once you kill its boss.
  • Killing a boss for the first time gives you a great deal of character experience. Be sure to weapon swap to your alternate bar if you’re leveling skills and abilities.
  • All delves are easy to complete solo. Some bosses may give you trouble if you’re very new to the game, but you can always wait a few minutes until another player joins in and helps.
  • All delves have one skyshard.

Tip: use Map Pins or Destinations addons to display boss and skyshard location in your ingame map!

Public Dungeons

Public Dungeon icon

Public Dungeon icon

Delves are not the same as public dungeons. They are not the same as regular group dungeons either. Public dungeons are indicated by a “cave” icon on your map, and each zone excluding starting areas has one or sometimes two public dungeons. You can enter them solo or grouped, and you can encounter random players in there the same way as in delves.

Public dungeons (aka group delves or public group dungeons) are intended for groups of players and can be difficult to complete solo. They have multiple bosses, some of which are very hard for solo players to kill. Regular monsters usually come in groups of 4-5 and can also be difficult to deal with for non-veteran players.

Once you get into veteran levels and have skill points to spend in your class and race passives, you should have plenty of damage and survivability and will be able to complete all public dungeons alone. I recommend avoiding public dungeons until you are able to solo them (Champion 160+ usually). Waiting for other players to come and help you out can be a huge waste of time.

Public dungeons will reward you with a cosmetic trophy (“Mementos” in Collections menu). You will also gain an achievement, eventually leading to additional equipment dyes. In addition you will also gain 1 skill point once you complete each public dungeon’s group event.

Group Delves

Group Delve icon

Group Delve icon

ESO also has group delves, indicated by a delve icon with a plus symbol. They are found in Craglorn, and are group instanced and designed for groups of 4 players. That means you will not encounter random players in there, only those you are in party with.

Group delves include Chiselshriek Mine, Hircine’s Haunt, Mrharnaz, Rkhardahrk, Rkundzelft, and Ruins of Kardala. Each contains 1 skyshard and award achievements. Except for Mrharnaz which has two quests associated, all of these group delves include one quest each.

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