Grahtwood Peacemaker Locations

Below is a map with all Grahtwood Peacemaker locations:

Grahtwood Peacemaker Locations Map

Peacemaker achievement is awarded for participating in discussions about racial and cultural tensions with NPCs in Grahtwood.

Once you come across these NPCs they will begin their discussion. Once they’re done they will ask for your opinion. You can talk to both NPCs before making a decision, and either choice will count for the achievement.

Some of the locations include:

  • On the road outside the Temple of the Eight
  • Just southeast of Elden Root, by the branch leading towards the Altmer Embassy
  • Northwest of Haven, south of Vineshade Lodge
  • West of Haven, about halfway to the Gray Mire Wayshrine
  • At the crossroads north of Elden Root

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One Response to Grahtwood Peacemaker Locations

  1. Vanessa says:

    How often do these locations spawn? I’ve been to all of them several times and no NPCs pop up.

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