Blackwood Skyshards Map

Map below contains the locations of all skyshards in Blackwood zone. This zone is part of the Blackwood DLC which includes a total of 18 skyshards.

Indicated with blue numbers 1-10 are outdoor skyshards, and indicated with red are those found in delves and public dungeons.

Blackwood skyshards map:

Blackwood Skyshards

Blackwood Skyshards

Blackwood zone contains a total of 10 skyshards outdoors. Skyshard #11 and #12 are in public dungeons, and 13 through 18 are in delves.

Below are basic instructions to help you find these skyshards!

  1. In the ruins of a fort along the coast
  2. Outside the marshy walls of a fort overrun with enemies
  3. Behind the statue of a warrior
  4. On an island in the sea
  5. Where the floating roads sink beneath the water
  6. Southeast of where the forgotten tower sits
  7. Hidden where specters guard a dead fortress
  8. In a place where a misstep leads to a long fall
  9. Where the rocks pile high and the trees stand tall
  10. By the island where the haj mota prowls
  11. In a hidden corridor by the blooming red blossoms (The Silent Halls public dungeon)
  12. On a platform above where the dead and living walk (Zenithar’s Abbey public dungeon)
  13. Nestled in the moss where the behemoth stalks (Xi-Tsei delve)
  14. High above where the Goblins scheme (Undertow Cavern delve)
  15. Watched over by flaming skulls (Doomvault Porcixid delve)
  16. Where spiders creep and birds speak (Arpenia delve)
  17. In a cave by the false night’s sky (Bloodrun Cave delve)
  18. In a rocky alcove, guarded by a vicious wamasu (Vunalk delve)

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