Grahtwood Skyshards Map

Grahtwood is an Aldmeri Dominion zone for levels 16-23, containing a total of 16 skyshards. Below is a Grahtwood map with outdoor skyshards indicated in blue and indoor ones in red.

Grahtwood Skyshards Map

If you’re having trouble locating any of the skyshards in Grahtwood you can take a look below for some hints:

  1. Inside Wormroot Depths public dungeon, down the first stairs.
  2. Wooden platform near the entrance to Abandoned Iron Mine.
  3. Outside, very easy to spot.
  4. On top of the waterfall.
  5. In Vinedeath Cave public dungeon.
  6. Middle of the small island.
  7. Largest room in Burroot Kwama Mine public dungen.
  8. Outdoors, easy to locate.
  9. Close the the main road, hidden behind tall boulders.
  10. Last room in Mobar Mine public dungeon.
  11. Last room behind a stone statue in Ne Salas public dungeon.
  12. On a small island.
  13. Root Sunger Ruins public dungeon.
  14. Small pond, easy to spot.
  15. Inside Haven settlement next to some barrels.
  16. Inside Scuttle Pit public dungeon.

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2 Responses to Grahtwood Skyshards Map

  1. Geo Hughes says:

    Discovered two skychards but they were not glowing; just looked like burned out light bulbs. I watched two players take up the chard but I could not get it. I was there before they were. What is the problem?

    • admin says:

      Usually skyshards are not glowing only after you pick them up already. You can check in your Achievements to make sure you didn’t already pick them up before.

      Besides the obvious above, some interactive objects can get bugged at times (although extremely rare for me personally), and in majority of cases simply relogging helps fix it (try it a few times if it doesn’t work at first).

      If that doesn’t fix the issue try disabling all your interface addons assuming you have any. Lastly, you can try the “Repair” option in the game launcher to make sure you don’t have any missing/corrupted game files (the process may take awhile).

      Hope that helps a bit!

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