Western Skyrim & Blackreach Treasure Maps

There is only one Collector’s Edition, and four regular treasure maps in Western Skyrim zone. You can also find two Collector’s Edition and two regular treasure maps in Blackreach, a subterranean area under Western Skyrim.

Western Skyrim and Blackreach zones were both released with Greymoor chapter, and their treasure map locations are indicated on the map below:

Western Skyrim & Blackreach treasure maps

Feel free to drop us a comment below in case you find any incorrect information or want to help others with more detailed instructions on finding these treasure maps!

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10 Responses to Western Skyrim & Blackreach Treasure Maps

  1. Ianci Goch says:

    WS CE treasure map at 40.78×51.06
    WS Map 4 at 26.34×55.39

  2. Ianci Goch says:

    Blackreach GC treasure map 2 at 22.42 x 58.74. Look for the two pendants (one at the intersection of the road, the second is right next to dirt mound).

  3. Vicky Forehand says:

    Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns Treasure Map 1 head NW towards bridge. Mound is on right side of Bridge.

  4. Ianci Goch says:

    Blackreach: Arkthzand Cavern TMap 1 at 15.63×72.33, next to body of Kitza-Enoo for the Hircine sigil quest

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