Craglorn Skyshards Map

Craglorn is Elder Scrolls Online’s first adventure zone, added in patch 1.1.2 and aimed for groups of players VR10. It includes various map objectives like Burial Sites, Magical Anomalies, and best of all Trials, exciting 12-man content and the closest you can get to raids in the game.

Below is a map with exact locations of all 12 skyshards you can find in Craglorn.

Craglorn Skyshards Map

Note: all skyshards are in dungeons.

  1. Inside Buried Sands dungeon, just above the final boss.
  2. In Ruins of Kardala, take the dead end in boss’ room.
  3. Mtharnaz dungeon, first large room.
  4. Tombs of the Na-Totambu, once you kill the final boss.
  5. Rkhardarhrk (!!!) dungeon, northern part of the cave.
  6. Zalgaz’s Den dungeon, northern part of the cave near to bosses.
  7. Inside Hircine’s Haunt dungeon, on a cliff across the entrance to the dungeon.
  8. Chiselshriek Mine dungeon, next to boss in northeastern room.
  9. Inside Rkundzelft, eastern-most part of the dungeon.
  10. In Haddock’s Market dungeon, northern part below a bridge.
  11. Inside Molavar dungeon, near the exit/entrance, but you will have to clear the dungeon to get to it.
  12. Inside Balamath dungeon, near (above) the entrance.

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