Orsinium Patron Map Locations

Map below contains all Orsinium Patron locations in Wrothgar zone:

Orsinium Patron Map

Orsinium Patron is an achievement awarded for donating money to Orsinium City Solicitors found at indicated locations in Wrothgar.

Solicitor coordinates:

  • 54.35×66.31
  • 61.12×60.50
  • 14.23×77.52
  • 35.10×78.74
  • 47.62×66.04
  • 24.56×78.39
  • 37.83×65.30
  • 70.14×53.24

Orsinium City Solicitors are Orc NPCs randomly found on these locations. Completing the Orsinium Patron achievement will require 15 donations. You can donate once per hour.

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