The Deadlands & Fargrave Skyshards Map

Maps below contain the locations of all skyshards in The Deadlands and Fargrave zones. Both these zones are part of the Deadlands DLC which includes a total of six skyshards.

Outdoor skyshards are indicated with blue, while indoor skyshards in delves are indicated with red.

The Deadlands & Fargrave skyshards map

The Deadlands zone contains a total of 5 skyshards. Three are outside and two are in delves (Brandfire Reformatory and False Martyr’s Folly). Fargrave subzone also contains one skyshard.

Deadlands & Fargrave Skyshards Map

Deadlands & Fargrave Skyshards Map

Below are basic instructions to help you find these skyshards!

  1. Atop a natural bridge cut in half, north of the Raging Coast – head north from Raging Coast wayshrine, you should see the skyshard on a stone platform.
  2. In a deep pit below a toiling foundry – skyshard is beneath ground level, you can safely access it through a small hole in the rock on southeast side of the Foundry.
  3. Looming over a small camp in the shadow of Annihilarch’s summit – get to rear of the stone incline and climb.
  4. Resting atop the sharp teeth of a dead giant in the Shambles – this skyshard is located in Fargrave city, just south of Shambles wayshrine.
  5. Cradled within an alter inside the Brandfire Reformatory – located inside Brandfire Reformatory delve, in the first room on a platform you need to climb to.
  6. On a ledge overlooking green pools inside False Martyr’s Folly – inside Farlse Martyr’s Folly delve’s central room. There’s an incline you can climb in the back of the room.

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