Eastmarch Skyshards Map

Eastmarch is a Ebonheart Pact zone containing 16 skyshards. We have included a map of Eastmarch below with every skyshard marked: indicated with blue are skyshards you can find above ground, and marked with red are underground ones.

Eastmarch Skyshards Map

Here’s a few notes to aid in your skyshard-finding adventures:

  1. Outside behind a stone.
  2. Inside Frigid Grotto public dungeon after the boss.
  3. Outside Fort Amol next to a bridge.
  4. Go up the hill just before you enter Fort Morvunskar.
  5. Just before Bonestrewn Crest between two mammoth tusks.
  6. Inside Hall of the Dead public dungeon, behind the boss.
  7. Northwest of the entrance to The Chill Hollow public dungeon.
  8. Inside Chill Hollow dungeon, next to the boss.
  9. Outside, easily spotted when you come near.
  10. Inside Icehammer’s Vault public dungeon.
  11. Outdoors in ruins of Mzulft.
  12. Largest room inside Old Sord’s Cave public dungeon.
  13. Outside on the farm.
  14. In Stormcrag Crypt public dungeon.
  15. Jorunn’s Stand camp, take the passage through an open tent.
  16. Inside Bastard’s Tomb public dungeon.

If you still have any questions about locations and can’t find certain sky shards, be sure to ask in the comments for more detailed explanations.

View completed skyshard maps »

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