Alliance War Skill Line Guide

Most of the abilities in Alliance War skill line are of course aimed at PvP-focused players. Alliance War includes three different skill lines which are Assault, Support and Emperor. Emperor passives are incredibly powerful, but at the same time extremely difficult to obtain. As a side note, experience in this skill tree is gained by increasing your Alliance ranks. You can view all Alliance War skill trees and abilities below!

Assault Skill Line

Assault Skill LineAssault skill tree is focused on increasing your damage and mobility in Cyrodiil, and make your friends stronger as well. Assault is great for players on the frontlines, particularly tanks and melee DPS. Below is a list of spells you can find in Assault skill line.


  1. War Horn - Increases max magicka and stamina of nearby allies by 20% for 27 seconds.
    1. Aggressive Horn – Also increases weapon damage by 15.
    2. Sturdy Horn – Also increases max health by 20%.

Active Spells:

  1. Rapid Maneuver - Increases movement speed of nearby allies by 17% for 20 seconds and make them immune to snare and immobilize effects. Buff ends if an attack is made.
    1. Retreating Maneuver – Additionally removes current snare and root effects from affected allies and increases movement speed bonus to 30%.
    2. Charging Maneuver – Increases Weapon Power by 30 for next attack.
  2. Caltrops - Throws caltrops at a target location, dealing physical damage in the area over 27 seconds. Affected enemies are also snared by 30%.
    1. Anti-Cavalry Caltrops – Forces mounted enemies to dismount.
    2. Razor Caltrops – When caltrops are deployed enemies in the area take additional damage and are snared by 70% for 3 seconds.

Passive Abilities:

  1. Continuous Attack – Increases weapon damage by 5% and stamina and magicka regeneration by 10% for 600 seconds after capturing a lumber mill, farm, mine or keep.
  2. Reach – Increases range of all abilities with greater than 15 meters range by 2.5 meters while you’re near a keep.
  3. Combat Frenzy – You gain an additional 13 Ultimate when you kill an enemy player.

Support Skill LineSupport Skill Line

Support skill tree is aimed for players who prefer to take more of a utility role in Alliance versus Alliance combat. Shields, regeneration effects and debuff removals are the staple of this skill tree, so take a closer look at all the abilities below!


  1. Barrier - Creates a shield absorbing damage on nearby allies for 30 seconds.
    1. Reviving Barrier – Shielded allies gain health regeneration.
    2. Replenishing Barrier – Gain ultimate and magicka any time an ally’s shield expires or is destroyed.

Active Spells:

  1. Siege Shield - Conjures a shield bubble that gives you and nearby allies 20% protection against ranged attacks and siege weapons and lasts for 17 seconds.
    1. Siege Weapon Shield – Allies siege weapons in the bubble take reduced damage from other siege weapons.
    2. Propelling Shield – Allies in the shield gain increased range.
  2. Purge - Removes up to 2 negative effects from nearby allies and reduces the duration of negative effects on nearby allies by 50% for 3 seconds.
    1. Efficient Purge – Reduced cost.
    2. Cleanse – Restore health to target if at least one debuff is removed.

Passive Abilities:

  1. Magicka Aid – Increases magicka regeneration by 5% for each support ability slotted.
  2. Combat Medic – Increases healing done by 10% when near a keep.
  3. Battle Resurrection – Decreases time required to resurrect a player by 25%.

Emperor Skill LineEmperor

Emperor status is only awarded to the best of players in PvP. One player is crowned as Emperor once every 3 months, making this exclusive skill tree extremely difficult to obtain. The passive bonuses it offers however are absolutely amazing and well worth the effort!

Passive Abilities:

  1. Monarch – Increases the strength of healing effects on Emperors by 50% and on former Emperors by 1%.
  2. Authority – Increases Ultimate gains by 200% and Ultimate costs by 5%. Former Emperors gain 5% decreased ultimate cost.
  3. Emperor – Increases health, magicka and stamina by 100% while in your campaign.
  4. Domination – Increases health, magicka and stamina by 100%. Former emperors gain 2%.
  5. Tactician – Increases siege weapon damage by 100%. Former Emperors gain 2% increases siege weapon damage.

The first thing you should do on your road to Emperor status it to read this guide. It will show you more detailed PvP/AvA information and tell you which character builds work best in Cyrodiil!

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