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What are Tel Var stones?

Tel Var Stones are a new type of currency introduced with the Imperial City. They can be exchanged for equipment or crafting resources at special trading posts. It’s a very common question asked around the community, so I hope this … Continue reading

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What is the best PvP class?

Q: What is the best PvP class? With “only” 4 classes in Elder Scrolls Online, each of them is designed to excel at almost any content in the game. Classes also don’t confine you to a particular playstyle, so if … Continue reading

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Beginners Guide to Cyrodiil

Cyrodiil is an enormous area in Tamriel, and for a lot of players the most fun part of Elder Scrolls Online. It’s a PvP area with a ton of different keeps and siege warfare, as well as some PvE content … Continue reading

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Cyrodiil Skyshard Locations Map

Skyshards are pretty important to find for all characters, as for every 3 that you find you gain 1 skill point. This can make leveling somewhat easier as it gives you access to more spells or morphs earlier, so you … Continue reading

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The Elder Scrolls Online Release Date: April 4

Queen Ayrenn Wallpaper

Ever since Bethesda announced the making of The Elder Scrolls Online thousands of fans have been waiting in anticipation of the release date. Just recently the developers sent a wave of beta invites to many players, and rarely anyone thought … Continue reading

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