Murkmire Skyshards Map

Map below contains the locations of all Murkmire skyshards:

Murkmire Skyshards Map

Murkmire Skyshards
Number Coordinates Name Location
1   Atop the xanmeer between Lilmoth and Alten Meerhleel On top of a wall.
2   Along the shore south of the Xinchei-Konu Easy to spot.
3   Amidst the falls south of the Dominus Fatum On a cliff, go slowly.
4   Beside the rotten hut north of Dead-Water Village Near a small body of water, easy to spot.
5   Deep in Tsofeer Cavern, far from any exit Tsofeer Cavern delve, southwestern dead end.
6   Within the Teeth of Sithis atop the sunrise xanmeer Teeth of Sithis Delve, top floor on the east platform.

We’ll try to update coordinates shortly, feel free to help in the comments below!

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