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How to Become a Vampire

Hot vampire

Becoming a Vampire in Elder Scrolls Online is a goal for many players. Even if they don’t fully understand the benefits of vampires, it’s still an exciting prospect. This guide will tell you how to become a vampire, give you … Continue reading

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Basics of Damage Scaling and Attributes

In The Elder Scrolls Online the damage of your abilities is scaled with the resource type required to cast specific spells or attacks. When building your character it’s yet another thing you should keep in mind, and try to use … Continue reading

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Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guide by Killerguides

Even though The Elder Scrolls Online doesn’t even have a release date for now, that doesn’t prevent gamers from getting ready to guide us through the game once it’s out. Those who were lucky enough to enter the recently opened … Continue reading

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Introduction to Elder Scrolls Online: First Gameplay Footage Revealed

Zenimax Online released the first trailer today that shows off actual gameplay from their super-anticipated The Elder Scrolls Online game. The development team talks about the game’s systems, classes, races, PvP, level cap (50), end-game content like dungeons and bosses, … Continue reading

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The Elder Scrolls Online – Leaked Info So Far

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gameinformer Cover

There’s plenty of details about The Elder Scrolls Online revealed in June’s issue of Gameinformer. Below is a summary all currently known game information so be sure to take a look at it. Releasing 2013 for PC/Mac Developed by ZeniMax … Continue reading

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