Visual Comparison of Starting Zones

Starting Zones ComparisonWith the inevitable release and all the bad press regarding ESO’s starting experience, I decided to grab a few screenshots of the first few zones for every faction to give you a visual sample of how these locations look. First impressions are very important, and many players agree that simply starting in a different zone can really make an impact on your first few hours of the game.

With such emphasis on the starting experience, it’s time we take a visual look into the zones and areas of each faction. You’ll find dozens of screenshots below, hopefully making your starting experiences more enjoyable.

All players first start in a tutorial area Coldharbour, an Oblivion plane of Molag’Bal. Without going into lore or spoiling things for you, let’s just say you’ll be out of this area in far less than an hour, while experienced players can blast through it in 15 minutes. After Coldharbour you’ll be moving on to a starting area depending on your faction choice.

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Alchemy Guide

Alchemy GuideThis is an alchemy guide which has been put together through the effort of many testers over many tests. In this guide, I’ll cover basics such as what alchemy is and how to level it efficiently, as well as the complete list of alchemy reagents.

If you are already an experienced alchemist and wish to skip to the list of alchemy reagents discovered, as well as what mixes will potentially be possible, it is located near the end.


  1. Alchemy basics
    1. Making potions
    2. Solvents
    3. Earning experience
  2. Skill points
  3. List of ingredients
  4. Ingredient traits
  5. Interesting potential mixtures
  6. Closing

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Basics of Mounts

Mounts guideIt wouldn’t be an MMO without mounts, and Elder Scrolls Online delivers them along with several unique mechanics and features. In TESO mounts aren’t only used for traveling, but can also be fed various food which improves their stats like run speed or endurance. Horses can also expand your inventory enabling you to carry around more trash with you, so in this post we’ll take a closer look at them.


  1. Horse Types
  2. Horse Stats
  3. Food Types
  4. Buying Mounts

Horse Types

Imperial White Horse

Imperial White Horse

Mounts in ESO are basically horses and there are several basic types of them:

  1. Common – 10% increased speed, 15 stamina, costs 17,200 gold
  2. Light – 25% speed, 10 stamina, costs 42,700 gold
  3. Gated – 15 speed, 20 stamina, costs 42,700 gold
  4. Draft – 15% speed, 10 stamina and 10 carrying capacity, priced at 42,700 gold
  5. Imperial – 15% speed, 10 stamina, priced at 1 gold

Imperial Horse can only be bought by players who pre-ordered the Imperial edition of the game through the official site or various retailers. Other mounts are fairly expensive for new players, as even 17,200 gold required for the cheapest Common Horse can take time to accumulate.

Mount Stats

Buying horsesSpeed: increased speed is self-explanatory: higher movement speed on a horse means it gets you places faster. Many players recommend not buying the Common Horse at all since it has only 10% increased speed, so you may want to think purchasing a Light Horse right off the bat. The other mounts are unfortunately more expensive and you will have to save even longer for one, but it might be worthwhile in the end. Don’t forget, feeding your horse costs gold (explained below), so it can be a smart decision to save enough gold to simply purchase a Light horse first.

Stamina: stamina determines how long your horse can gallop (sprint) and how much damage you can take while riding one without being dismounted.

Carrying Capacity: horses don’t have an inventory of their own, instead their carrying capacity is simply added to your own character inventory. Not only is it convenient, but increased bag space is very helpful to have when adventuring considering how many different crafting materials and items you come across. You gain increased carrying capacity only from your active horse.

All horses have a total of 49 points you can distribute to either of these three stats, which is added to their base stats. Meaning, even if you feed your Common horse with apples to increase its speed it can never be as fast as a Light horse can.


StablesHorses can be fed once every 20 hours with either apples, hay or oats. Feeding a horse costs 250 gold every time, but increases some of its stats depending on which food type you’re feeding them with. Apple increases their movement speed by 1%, hay increases stamina and oats increase your horse’s carry capacity.

The most useful food are definitely apples, as movement speed is highly valued for mounts, especially for players engaging in Cyrodiil. For leveling you may want to consider feeding your horse oats, at least occasionally. The increased carrying capacity can be very helpful when questing for awhile, and even 5-10 more inventory slots can ensure you don’t have to make frequent trips to vendors.

Tip: Light Horse will always be the fastest of all horses if you only feed it with Apples for speed. Speed is especially important for Cyrodiil, so make sure you ONLY feed apples to your light horse. For leveling and farming use a Draft or the cheap Imperial horse and keep feeding them oats for increased inventory space. You can own multiple horses and switch your active one to Light when you go into Cyrodiil.

Important to note is that each horse you own has its own separate cooldown for feeding, and bonuses from feeding them don’t transfer from one horse to another.

Where to buy horses?

Stables icon on mapAny stables in the world will sell you horses, and they can be found in nearly every area of the game. You can view all the mounts you own when at stables, set your active horse there as well as rename and feed them.

If you can’t find stables simply open your map and check the map icons in the nearest town or village. Stables are typically located on the outskirts of towns, and indicated on the map by an icon resembling a horse’s head.


While there’s nothing groundbreaking concerning mounts in The Elder Scrolls Online, it was worthwhile mentioning the basics of them. If you pre-ordered the game and have access to Imperial Horse you surely won’t regret it as it will save you a lot of time leveling early on. If you don’t have an Imperial Horse, the cheapest Light Horse will set you back by 17,200 gold, which you should have by the time you hit level 25.

If you have any other questions or comments about mounts be sure to voice them in the comments below!

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Mundus Stones

Mundus Stones GuideMundus stones are yet another way to boost your character stats beyond gear and skill tree choices. They’re a great way to obtain some additional passive power to your characters and perhaps even make up for the lack of certain stats in your equipment. It’s often a very neglected aspect of the game, but we figured a quick overview of mundus stones and the passive benefits they give would surely be helpful.

About Mundus Stones

Those of you who played previous Elder Scrolls games might be familiar with mundus stones already (called Standing Stones in Skyrim). They can be found throughout Tamriel, and when activated these stones give passive benefits to your character. Your character however can have only one mundus stone buff active at any given time. Once you activate a mundus stone its effect is permanent on your character, but activating a different mundus shrine will replace the effect.

Where to Find Mundus Stones

Cyrodiil Mundus Stones Map

Map of Mundus stones in Cyrodiil

All three alliances have all mundus stones scattered in their zones. You will have to travel to one if you want to activate its benefit though, but with the convenience of waypoints that shouldn’t take too much time even if you constantly want to change them. All mundus stones are also present in Cyrodiil, so you don’t need to leave the comfort of PvP if you want to use a different stone effect.

We’re working on maps with locations of all mundus stones, so stay tuned to our site to see when we publish it!

Mundus Stone Effects

Lover mundus stone

Activating “Lover” mundus stone in Stonefalls.

There’s a total of 13 different mundus stone, each of them with a different passive buff to your character. Below is a list of all of them:

  1. Lord – increases maximum health
  2. Tower – increases maximum stamina
  3. Mage – increased maximum magicka
  4. Lady – increased armor
  5. Warrior – increased power
  6. Thief – increased critical strike chance
  7. Shadow – increased critical damage
  8. Steed – increased run speed
  9. Ritual – increased effectiveness of healing
  10. Serpent – increased health regeneration out of combat
  11. Atronach – increased magicka regeneration
  12. Apprentice – increased spell penetration
  13. Lover – increased spell resistance

These buffs are scaled in power with your character level, and you can even enchant your equipment with Divines trait to further increase benefits provided by these stones. It’s important to note that activating a mundus stone and its effect doesn’t cost any skill points or anything like that. You can switch them whenever you like without any costs or downsides whatsoever.

As you can see Mundus stones can give a variety of effects great for any class, build or play style. Some of these bonuses are great for dungeons, leveling or even Cyrodiil — the best thing is you can switch them whenever you wish. They add even more depth to character development, just in case attributes, passive skills, different armors, traits, enchants and racial passives aren’t enough for you!

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Beginners Guide to Crafting

Crafting GuideElder Scrolls Online has, according to numerous players and critics, one of the best if not the best crafting systems in any MMORPG. The developers certainly made sure to make crafting meaningful, useful and even fun. With a vast amount of recipes and features like crafting styles there’s always going to be a market for your wares. This is further evident considering the best equipment in game can not only be obtained from dungeons or Cyrodiil, but also crafted by players who dedicate enough time to crafting.


  1. Basics
  2. Gathering Materials
  3. Crafting Stations
  4. Crafting Process
  5. Extraction
  6. Research and Traits
  7. Crafting Styles
  8. Improvement
  9. Leveling

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