Psijic Order Skill Line Guide

Psijic OrderPsijic Order quests and skill line was added in ESO’s Summerset Chapter. For the first time in Elder Scrolls history players are able to join this mysterious organization.

Psijic Order is a society of mages, returning from a 350-year absence. Psijic Order enables you to complete a whole new questline and travel across Tamriel to close destructive time breaches.

Much like Fighters and Mages guilds, Psijic Order has its own skill line with 5 passive and 5 active abilities, and a very exciting Ultimate named “Undo” that provides interesting new combat options.

Psijic Order Abilities

Psijic Order skill line has the following active abilities:

  • Time Stop: Freeze the passage of time at a specific location. Should you catch your enemies with this ability, they’ll be slowed and eventually frozen in place, giving you the opportunity to make your move.
  • Imbue Weapon: Enhances your weapon with energy, causing your next Light Attack to deal additional damage.
  • Acceleration: Buff which increases your movement speed and power of your Critical Strikes.
  • Mend Wounds: Replaces your next Light Attack with a heal over time, or your next Heavy Attack with a channeled heal.
  • Meditate: Focus your mind and body into a deep meditative state. While active, you will restore Health, Stamina and Magicka over time. Perfect for those who want to reflect upon and recover from a tough fight.
  • Undo (Ultimate): Become a true master of time and step backwards into the past to instantly reset your Health, Magicka and Stamina to what they were only four seconds ago. If the battle isn’t going your way, reset the board.

Psijic Order spells are best used on healers and casters, but some of the abilities are useful for any class or playstyle. This skill line is available to all characters and classes.

How to get Psijic Order skill line

Psijic Order skill line reward

Psijic Order skill line reward after sealing Time Breaches in Summerset.

To get Psijic Order skill line for your character you will need to gain access to Artaeum.This requires you to get close to Shimmerene on Summerset and start the quest “The Queen’s Decree“.

Once this quest is completed and you gain access to Artaeum’s wayshrine, talk to Loremaster Celarus in Ceporah Tower (all on Artaeum). Complete his quest by getting Augur and sealing all 9 Time Rifts over Summerset.

How to level Psijic Order skill line

Leveling Psijic Order skill line is done by simply following the quests given by relevant NPCs. This is a very lengthy quest line which will require you to travel to nearly every zone in The Elder Scrolls Online.

You can find helpful Time Rift maps on this page, with locations of Time Rifts (Breaches) in all zones.

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