Time Rift Maps

Time Rift

Time Rift

Time Rifts are required for leveling Psijic Order skill line. Closing 9 Time Rifts will grant you one rank in Psijic Order, unlocking new abilities.

Summerset Isles zone has 9 Time Rifts. Summerset Time Rifts map can be found here.

The following areas have 3 Rifts each:

Time Rift maps for Daggerfall Covenant – Breaches on the Bay:

  1. Glenumbra
  2. Stormhaven
  3. Alik’r Desert

Time Rift maps for Ebonheart Pact – Breaches of Frost and Fire:

  1. Eastmarch
  2. The Rift
  3. Stonefalls

Time Rift maps for Aldmeri Dominion – Breach Amid the Trees:

  1. Malabal Tor
  2. Greenshade
  3. Grahtwood

Sorry for missing maps, we’ll add them shortly!

Psijic Order skill line was added in ESO: Summerset chapter. Be sure to read more about Psijic Order here, read up on Jewelry Crafting profession, and check out our other Summerset maps including Relics, Skyshards, or Lost Treasure Maps.

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