Flipping the Coin Quest Puzzle Solution

Flipping the Coin” is a quest given by Cinder-Tail in Grahtwood‘s Redfur Trading Post. Flipping the Coin has a chess-like puzzle requiring you to move your Thief Statue before the Guard Statues can get to her.

On approaching Redfur Trading Post, I came upon Cinder-Tail, a Khajiit in trouble with the local authorities.

With the Gauntlet defeated, I must unlock the reliquary that holds Anahbi’s treasure.

Perhaps the statues are the key.

Tasks: Unlock the Reliquary

To unlock the reliquary you need to move your Thief statue in the following order:

Flipping the Coin puzzle solution

Once done you can finally plunder the Reliquary by looting the Lost Treasure of Anahbi chest and continue with the quest.

Lost Treasure of Anahbi

Lost Treasure of Anahbi

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