Clockwork City Lorebooks Map

Clockwork City lorebook locations are marked on the map below:

Clockwork City Lorebooks Map

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5 Responses to Clockwork City Lorebooks Map

  1. Sean Kiszka says:

    I don’t find this overly helpful there is no description of where the book is really located just the area. Especially the one by the bridge, there is no real indication as to where it is. I’ve looked on the bridge and under it in that exact location and still have not found it. Maybe put a minor description on the locations of each would be more beneficial

  2. Sofie says:

    The Doors of Oblivion, Part2 is located to the far right of the map.

  3. BioS0Ck says:

    I cannot find Monomyth or Crow and Raven :(

  4. Jay says:

    The one northeast of Vale of Tears is The Devouring of Gil Var Delle.

    The one directly south of Everwound Wellspring is The Doors of Oblivion Part 2

    Both of these are located within a camp of npcs and there are also nearby treasure troves.

  5. Breaker says:

    On the map above the northeastern icon(The Living Gods) is inside the Barilzar’s Eighth Laboratory.

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