Craglorn Survey Report Map

Survey report map locations in Craglorn zone are indicated on the map below:

Craglorn Survey Report Map

X marks the exact location. “A” indicates Alchemy, “B” for Blacksmithing, “C” for Clothing, “E” for Enchanting, “J” for Jewelry Crafting, and “W” for Woodworking.

Feel free to share or download our Craglorn survey report map, but please leave the credits up. Thanks!

Additionally if you need exact map coordinates of all surveys:

  • Alchemy I: 33.77×55.86
  • Alchemy II: 53.46×48.55
  • Alchemy III: 19.60×40.40
  • Blacksmithing I: 67.58×36.92
  • Blacksmithing II: 45.91×32.34
  • Blacksmithing III: 43.09×44.33
  • Clothing I: 45.80×52.96
  • Clothing II: 39.34×47.54
  • Clothing III:  30.50×45.30
  • Enchanting I: 57.72×51.85
  • Enchanting II: 16.43×37.24
  • Enchanting III: 67.49×42.77
  • Jewelry Crafting I: 75.11×46.35
  • Jewelry Crafting II:44.24×67.43
  • Jewelry Crafting III:35.19×54.00
  • Woodworking I: 08.54×33.03
  • Woodworking II: 64.84×36.32
  • Woodworking III: 41.98×50.19

To find out more about crafting writs and survey maps check out our guide here.

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9 Responses to Craglorn Survey Report Map

  1. FallenAngelina says:

    Love the new maps!!!!! ♥️ Thank you for having these! A real time saver.

  2. Mate Csorba says:

    Guys I Can not find the loot on A2 location. I looked around on the map, on the site as well, I have the map too…. Simple the stuff is not there…. Could be a bug or it changed?

    • says:

      Location is correct, right next to the water. Make sure the survey is in your character’s inventory.

  3. Josh says:

    I’ve searched for C2 for over and hour and been to the area it says it is and around it countless times. Not there. Bugged?

    • says:

      I do not have that particular survey at the moment so can’t verify 100%, but the indicated location and coordinates of Clothier II are accurate. Make sure the survey is in your inventory, try changing zone or relogging to see if that fixes it. I have had issues with missing materials on surveys maybe once or twice in the past year and I did hundreds of them, so it is possible it might be a bug.

  4. Desiree says:

    Blacksmithing III on a rocky plateau near the waterfall at neglected nirncrux mine

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