Alik’r Desert Survey Report Map

Below is a map with all survey report map locations in Alik’r Desert.

Alik'r Desert Survey Report Map

X marks the exact location. “A” indicates Alchemy, “B” is for Blacksmithing, “C” for Clothing, “E” for Enchanting, “J” for Jewelry Crafting, and “W” for Woodworking.

Feel free to share or download our Alik’r Desert survey report map, but please leave the credits up. Thanks!

Additionally if you need exact map coordinates:

  • Alchemy: 40.33×65.23
  • Blacksmithing: 15.22×48.03
  • Clothing: 63.03×62.65
  • Enchanting: 82.42×34.15
  • Jewelry Crafting: 90.04×53.33
  • Woodworking: 60.00×36.09

To find out more about crafting writs and survey maps check out our guide here.

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10 Responses to Alik’r Desert Survey Report Map

  1. Jacob Evans says:

    Blacksmithing coordinates i got was 15.22, 48.03

  2. Lann Stone says:

    Clothing survey is 61.56 x 61.00

  3. Blackwood says:

    J mark is a bit lower than it should be. It’s between The Thief mundus stone and Yidzuun delve.

  4. RedX says:

    Most people just look at a video for this. But was wondering why there is no information listed if this not respawns or if it does come back another time.

  5. Meridok says:

    Enchanting co-ordinates are wrong, it’s at 78.60 x 36.03

  6. Anon says:

    Dunno where you get “coordinates” from but I’ve never seen any such thing in my game. The Xs are much too large to be accurate. A smaller dot with and arrow pointed toward it would be much better for ALL the maps.

  7. Caldia-Wren says:

    Woodworking site – just outside of the Rkulftzel Dwemer ruins

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