Alik’r Desert Skyshards Map

Alik’r Desert is a level 31-37 Daggerfall Covenant zone containing 16 skyshards. We have included a map of Alik’r Desert below, complete with all skyshard locations marked with blue (outdoor) and red (indoor) skyshards.

Alik'r Desert Skyshards Map

More detailed notes about every shard location are just below:

  1. Clearly visible from southern part of Salas En.
  2. Inside Santaki solo dungeon.
  3. Top of the guard tower.
  4. In the water inside Divad’s Chagrin Mine solo dungeon.
  5. Small island in the middle of the oasis.
  6. Rooftop of one of the houses.
  7. First large room in Aldunz solo dungeon.
  8. In Leki’s Blade, easily spotted once you’re nearby.
  9. Next to the ship on the ground.
  10. Inside Coldrock Diggins solo dungeon, take the first left.
  11. Central room in Lost City of the Na-Totambu public dungeon.
  12. Below a bridge.
  13. On top of Mages Guild in Kozanset (stairs next to the building).
  14. Last room of Sandblown Mine solo dungeon.
  15. Outside, easily spotted.
  16. Last large room inside Yldzuun solo dungeon.

If you have trouble locating any, be sure to ask in the comments below!

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4 Responses to Alik’r Desert Skyshards Map

  1. Roy says:

    Where in yldzuun dungeon is thru skyshard I have done the dungeon twice now I can see it at all can use help please

  2. Marian says:

    Yeah 12 is not glowing but my journal says I never got it. What is that about? Is there a fix?

  3. Michelle says:

    Looking for same answer for 5 & 6.

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