Akaviri (Samurai) Armor

Samurai Armor in Elder Scrolls Online

If you played Skyrim before, no doubt you encountered samurai-styled armor before (called Blades armor). Elder Scrolls Online also features Akaviri styled armor and weapons, which are greatly inspired by feudal Japan and samurai armor.

Since I’ve been asked a lot of times about it when prancing around through Riften, I decided to make a few screenshots of the Pact/Covenant/Dominion item sets you can get from PvP (Cyrodiil). There are three different armor types of course: Light, Heavy, and Medium, each with their own unique appearance.

Samurai Armor screenshots

Light version isn’t particularly samurai-like, in fact it looks more like a ninja but I still quite like it since it at least covers my ugly mug. Heavy armor is the most recognizable, and paired with a katana sword it’s definitely a must-have for anyone who enjoys the theme as much as I do. The only negative thing about these armors is the fact Light pants aren’t a hakama, something which I’d definitely enjoy wearing.

Where to get samurai armor?

Getting samurai armor in ESO isn’t overly difficult if you’re only after the aesthetic look. Simply participating in PvP and killing other players and capturing map objectives will yield Alliance Points. After a relatively small amount of AP you will get loot containers which often contain parts of these armors.

Getting the whole item set can take awhile, but you can also purchase items from other players; prices typically range from 1,000 to 10,000 gold a piece, with weapons being the most expensive. Prices can vary depending on level requirement and item quality. You can have your own samurai set for as little as 5,000g if you buy smart at guild stores. As a sidenote, all samurai armor requires Veteran Rank 1 or higher to be worn.

Lastly, you can purchase Epic quality PvP gear from your faction’s vendors located at the starting gates in Cyrodiil. Each piece will set you back for over 600,000 Alliance Points though which can take quite awhile to accumulate (typically several days of PvP combat just for one piece, excluding loot containers). Buying these items from guild stores is generally way more affordable, but if you often participate in PvP you may have a different perspective.

While I’m not a big fan of PvP in ESO, I am definitely a huge fan of the samurai and being able to wear their amazing armour is a huge motivation for me. I wear either the heavy or light Pact’s armor most of the time, despite it not having the best PvE bonuses. Since I can’t wear it in real life, I might as well make the most out of it in Elder Scrolls! And since I’m constantly being asked about my armor style by players in game, I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes its looks.

Akaviri racial motif

Akaviri racial motif, and Ancient Scale/Goldscale reagent.

Crafting Akaviri items

Akaviri armor style motif has been added to ESO in Patch 2.2 (Orsinium DLC). You can purchase the motif books from Siege Merchants in Cyrodiil for the following prices (currency is AP – Alliance Points):

  • Crafting Motifs 18, Chapter 1: Akaviri Axes – 250,000
  • Crafting Motifs 18, Chapter 2: Akaviri Belts – 100,000
  • Crafting Motifs 18, Chapter 3: Akaviri Boots – 100,000
  • Crafting Motifs 18, Chapter 4: Akaviri Bows – 250,000
  • Crafting Motifs 18, Chapter 5: Akaviri Chests – 500,000
  • Crafting Motifs 18, Chapter 6: Akaviri Daggers – 100,000
  • Crafting Motifs 18, Chapter 7: Akaviri Gloves – 250,000
  • Crafting Motifs 18, Chapter 8: Akaviri Helmets – 500,000
  • Crafting Motifs 18, Chapter 9: Akaviri Legs – 250,000
  • Crafting Motifs 18, Chapter 10: Akaviri Maces – 250,000
  • Crafting Motifs 18, Chapter 11: Akaviri Shields – 500,000
  • Crafting Motifs 18, Chapter 12: Akaviri Shoulders – 250,000
  • Crafting Motifs 18, Chapter 13: Akaviri Staves – 500,000
  • Crafting Motifs 18, Chapter 14: Akaviri Swords – 500,000

The total price for all motif books is 4,300,000 AP. Good news is you can do without many item slots. For starters, don’t purchase any weapons since they look nothing like katana or samurai weapons. And to get the very basic samurai armor looks, you can just purchase helmet, shoulders and chest motifs (1.25 million AP), and then work your way to getting boots, gloves and legs (600k AP) later on.

These six motif chapters would cost 1.85 million AP which is still a ridiculous amount, but it will make the grind less unreasonable. If you enjoy PvP then you have nothing to worry about.

Crafting in Akaviri style also requires Goldscale reagent, which is made by refining ten Ancient Scale. Each Ancient Scale costs 5000 Alliance Points, so every item you craft will cost 50,000 AP.

Even if you’re ready to open up your wallet, you’ll be disappointed to find there’s no Akaviri motif in the Crown Store, so it’s currently only purchasable by participating in PvP. Huge downside for anyone like me who dislikes PvP activities, especially ESO’s large scale Cyrodiil battles.


You can find a few screenshots of my Templar (and some NPCs) showing off through Tamriel in samurai armor:

If you want me to include any of your own screenshots be sure to send them at contact @ elderscrollsguides.com!

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18 Responses to Akaviri (Samurai) Armor

  1. Ryan James Harrell says:

    I personally like the Samurai Armor as well thanks for information and the images on these types of armors!! Also on how to get them. One question, are Katana’s available? Or no? I remember in Skyrim there were hidden Katana’s throughout the world that you had to find and each one had different effects and qualities. If there are Katana’s in EOS how or where can I find them? Or can they be crafted??? Also personal question here, which race do you think fits this Samurai Armor and Katana wielding combo??


    • admin says:

      One-handed swords from PvP (also Pact/Covenant/Dominion’s items) look somewhat like a katana. It’s not nearly what I’d like them to look, but they are passable due to lack of anything else similar.

      You can also try crafting some 1H swords in Orcish or Daedric style, you might like them. Doesn’t look like katanas of course, but it somewhat fits regardless. Redguard swords are curved as well and can be another alternative, but it’s middle eastern style rather than japanese.

      For creating asian-looking characters I think Bosmer are actually the easiest; not all races have access to same hairstyles/facial features, and their skin colors are fairly fitting. I think they’re also the only race with a samurai “knot” (chonmage) hairstyle.

  2. Jonah Moore says:

    Can it be built a set locstion if so where?

  3. Dimitri Wenzel says:

    What is the name of the actual set in game for the light, medium, and heavy sets, is it the Akaviri Dragonguard? cause i have a piece and it looks nothing like it. Has to be a different set.

    • admin says:

      Samurai/akaviri style set names from PvP are “Buffer of the Swift” set for light armor, heavy armor is “Bastion of the Highland”, and medium is “Shield of the Valiant”.

      Item pieces are simply named “Pact’s Hat”, “Pact’s Gloves”, or in the case of other factions “Aldmeri’s” or “Covenant’s”.

      Akaviri Dragonguard set is from PvE, and if I recall correctly it’s in Nordic style despite its name.

  4. Rodrigo nungaray says:

    So is it even possible to craft or no

    • admin says:

      Yes, Akaviri motif has been added in patch 2.2 (Orsinium DLC). You can purchase it from Siege Merchants in Cyrodiil for Alliance Points, but it’s pretty expensive.

      These vendors also sell raw materials required to craft Akaviri items (Ancient Scale), which must be refined into Goldscale before they can be used.

      • Rodrigo nungaray says:

        Ohhhhhh … Well I’m like sorta new n it sed that I need to learn the style … How do I do that

      • admin says:

        As explained above, visit Siege Merchant npcs in Cyrodiil, they’ll sell you the motifs. Article has been updated so you can find the exact prices above (look under “Crafting”).

        • rodrigo nungaray says:

          oh ok thank you now i got a hold of it mate :D thanks a million

          • Rasmus says:

            Since it’s craftable now, is it Also tradeable? Can I chose my own set bonus? And do I still have to be (i guess) CP1 (since vet has been replaced)

          • admin says:

            Yes these Akaviri crafted items can be traded or sold just like any other items/sets.

            Though I’m unable to 100% confirm it right now, I don’t think there are any CP requirements to craft in this style.

  5. I have to admit I was a touch thrown – you said that the Akaviri set is not in the crown store… but you have a picture of ‘Crown Motif: Akaviri’ right at the top, with a lvl 1 requirement! :) Test server thing?

    • admin says:

      It’s an early leaked image from the test server, sorry for the confusion. Akaviri motif sadly isn’t purchasable on the crown store.

      Since the image is quite old (before any Akaviri motifs were in the live game) I guess they gave up on selling this style for crown points, and there’s no indication yet that they will reconsider.

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