Vvardenfell Ancestral Tombs Map

The following map includes the locations of all Ancestral Tombs in Vvardenfell (Morrowind):

Vvardenfell Ancestral Tombs Map

Ancestral Tombs are sacred burial grounds in Vvardenfell zone, part of the Morrowind DLC.

There are a total of 30 Ancestral Tombs scattered throughout the zone. “Ancestral Tombs Hunter” achievement requires finding them all, making a rubbing of the information they contain, and returning to Librarian Bradyn to discover the location of the lost Library of Andule.

Completing the “Ancestral Tombs Hunter” achievement grants 50 achievement points, the “Librarian” character title, and Vvardenfell Scale Model furnishing piece for your house.

To being your Ancestral Tomb hunting quest speak to Librarian Bradyn in the Library of Vivec. First task will take you to Othrelas Ancestral Tomb (#13) just north of Vivec City.

There are no clues to finding these Tombs in your quest log. Once you’re done exploring Vvardenfell you can refer to the map to find any Ancestral Tombs you may have missed. Below are names of all of them:

  1. Seran Ancestral Tomb
  2. Ginith Ancestral Tomb
  3. Rethandus Ancestral Tomb
  4. Salothran Ancestral Tomb
  5. Telvayn Ancestral Tomb
  6. Uveran Ancestral Tomb
  7. Norvayn Ancestral Tomb
  8. Tharys Ancestral Tomb
  9. Heran Ancestral Tomb
  10. Lleran Ancestral Tomb
  11. Thelas Ancestral Tomb
  12. Sarano Ancestral Tomb
  13. Othrelas Ancestral Tomb
  14. Aran Ancestral Tomb
  15. Velas Ancestral Tomb
  16. Releth Ancestral Tomb
  17. Raviro Ancestral Tomb
  18. Redas Ancestral Tomb
  19. Arano Ancestral Tomb
  20. Hlervu Ancestral Tomb
  21. Maren Ancestral Tomb
  22. Arenim Ancestral Tomb
  23. Serano Ancestral Tomb
  24. Andas Ancestral Tomb
  25. Verelnim Ancestral Tomb
  26. Ieneth Ancestral Tomb
  27. Sadryon Ancestral Tomb
  28. Venim Ancestral Tomb
  29. Nerano Ancestral Tomb
  30. Favel Ancestral Tomb

Numbers correspond to the Ancestral Tomb locations indicated on the map above.

Quest hints and tips:

Lighting braziers – safe Daedric Runes:

Ancestral Tombs quest puzzle

Daedric runes shown are safe tiles.

After you light up the braziers by stepping on correct Daedric runes shown above, you will need to answer a few questions:

  1. House Indoril: Religion, Be preserved at all cost, Outsiders may visit but must be watched.
  2. House Dres: Slavery as sacred right and duty, Dres feeds Morrowind with its agricultural might, Dunmer should keep to themselves and focus on improving Morrowind.
  3. House Hlaalu: Succeed and profit, Compromise while seeking to get the best deal, Acknowledge Dunmer culture but adapt
  4. House Redoran: Fulfill duty and maintain honor, Accept and endure harsh life, Way of the warrior.

If you haven’t paid attention the cheat sheet above should guide you to completing the quest quicker.

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