Imperial City Map and Areas Guide

Imperial City Prison dungeon in Imperial City

Imperial City Prison dungeon in Imperial City

Imperial City Prison dungeon

The Imperial City was overrun some time ago. With its invasion, the prison was also abandoned by its once steadfast guards. In the chaos that resulted, gangs of prisoners fought and preyed upon each other—this lasted until the Daedra arrived to lord over the Imperial Prison. A Grievous Twilight and its minions have since completely taken over the prison. The Daedra capture mortals of all kinds from the Imperial City warzone and process them in the prison. Prisoners are sent deep underground, where the Daedra have unearthed a network of Ayleid ruins, converting them into holding pens and terrible torture chambers.

Located in the north-most area of the Memorial District, the Imperial City Prison is one of the Imperial City’s two small-group dungeons. You can enter the prison via the Memorial District, or by queueing for the dungeon in the Group Finder while anywhere in Tamriel. Team up with three friends and choose to take on either Normal mode or Veteran mode —the latter yields Veteran Rank 16 rewards!

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