Imperial City Map and Areas Guide

Imperial Arena District in Imperial City

Imperial Arena District in Imperial City

Imperial Arena District

If you checked out our map of Imperial City you should know already that Imperial Arena is located between Arboretum and Memorial districts.

This district houses the awe-inspiring Imperial Arena. Unfortunately, the Daedra have twisted it into something dark and profane. Imperial citizens are forced to battle beasts, and each other, for the amusement of Molag Bal’s soldiers. Of course, these “battles” typically amount to civilians being slaughtered and devoured by Daedric beasts.

In the Arena District you can fight enemy-alliance players and Xivkyn forces, enter the Ethereal Trophy Vault, and step foot into the Imperial Arena. Inside the arena, a challenging test of might awaits—battle against bosses and try to defeat the Ringmaster for a special reward. As you’re exploring the Arena District, keep a watchful eye out for the roaming Immolator Charr (Ogrim!).

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