Clockwork City map

Clockwork City map

Clockwork City

Clockwork City is a zone released in The Elder Scrolls Online: Clockwork City DLC. It’s a mechanical city existing outside of space and time, created by Sotha Sil.

Clockwork City map above features six most important points of interest in the zone.

1. The Brass Fortress

Main town of Clockwork City zone, including quest NPCs, traders, crafting stations and a Transmutation Station.

2. The Mechanical Fundament

Located beneath the Brass Fortress, this dangerous labyrinth is crawling with fabricants and single-minded factotums that won’t hesitate to sanitize the area of any living beings.

3. The Halls of Regulation

Halls of Regulation is one of the two delves introduced in Clockwork City DLC. Halls of Regulation maintains Clockwork City’s air and water, but it’s overrun with malfunctioning mechanical constructs called factotums.

4. The Shadow Cleft

Second delve in Clockwork City. You’ll need to investigate a mysterious portal to Evergloam, the Oblivion realm of Daedric Prince Nocturnal.

5. The Sanctuary of Verification

Here you’ll meet The Imperfect, Sotha Sil’s mechanical war machine world boss.

6. The Asylum Sanctorium

Asylum Sanctorium is a new trial introduced in Clockwork City. It’s a sanitarium for some of the city’s maddest inhabitants. Asylum gives you the option to fight the three bosses first, or skip them and fight them alongside the final boss for a greater challenge.

These locations are just some of the places you can discover when you visit Clockwork City, but there are countless other adventures to be had off of the beaten path.

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