This page contains various maps of Elder Scrolls Online zones.


Relic maps:

Achievement maps:

Other maps:

Explored Zone Maps:

This gallery includes fully explored zone map screenshots! These fully revealed maps include mundus stones, skyshards, wayshrines, quest hubs, item set crafting stations, world bosses, dolmens, instanced and public dungeons, delves, and other points of interest.

Unexplored zone maps:

Below are unexplored maps of zones in The Elder Scrolls Online.

ESO Zone progression:

After the short Coldharbour tutorial area, players move on to the following starting zones depending on their faction choice:

Players actually start in Glenumbra, Stonefalls or Auridon towns, but I recommend talking to NPCs and transferring to Stros M’kai, Bleakrock Isle, or Khenarthi’s Roost depending on which faction you picked. These zones are original starting areas with great introductory storylines and 6 skyshards ready to be picked up.

After completing starting areas and four larger zones for each faction, players should move on to Coldharbour.

DLC zones in ESO were released in the following order:

  1. Craglorn (no longer a DLC)
  2. Orsinium
  3. Hew’s Bane (Thieves Guild)
  4. Gold Coast (Dark Brotherhood)
  5. Morrowind (Vvardenfell)
  6. Clockwork City
  7. Summerset
  8. Murkmire
  9. Northern Elsweyr (Elsweyr)
  10. Southern Elsweyr (Dragonhold)

You can also find a short overview of starting zones in our leveling guide, or read our zone levels and progression guide to find out how to best follow the storyline.

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3 Responses to Maps

  1. Gayle says:

    Have put this site in favorites. What I was trying to find is what level(s) for each zone. I am now level 12 and traveled via shrine which was a bit high for me so hoped a listing such as Stonefalls 1-15 etc.

    • admin says:

      Yeah though the quests take you from Stonefalls to Deshaan, it’s easy to walk to The Rift which is level 40ish area — I actually did the same thing back in beta.

      I didn’t include area levels here, but you can find them in my skyshard maps. They are organized by zone levels, and I think I mentioned roughly the level you should be for each area in the posts.

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