Maps of zones in The Elder Scrolls Online.

After the short Coldharbour tutorial area, players move on to the following starting zones depending on their faction choice:

You can also find a short overview of starting zones in our leveling guide, or read our zone levels and progression guide to find out how to best follow the storyline.

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3 Responses to Maps

  1. Gayle says:

    Have put this site in favorites. What I was trying to find is what level(s) for each zone. I am now level 12 and traveled via shrine which was a bit high for me so hoped a listing such as Stonefalls 1-15 etc.

    • admin says:

      Yeah though the quests take you from Stonefalls to Deshaan, it’s easy to walk to The Rift which is level 40ish area — I actually did the same thing back in beta.

      I didn’t include area levels here, but you can find them in my skyshard maps. They are organized by zone levels, and I think I mentioned roughly the level you should be for each area in the posts.

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